How Concert Events Transportation Can Help You Survive a General Admission Concert In 2021

A live show is a special way to experience your favorite band. It’s not uncommon for impatient fans to browse the web in search of the concert playlist, even months before the event takes place. With every passing day, the excitement grows and people are eagerly anticipating the big date. However, expectations do not always correspond to reality, especially if your tickets are general admission. There is always a risk that you may lose valuable items, you may feel claustrophobic as you’ll barely have any space to move around, you may run out of water (and it may be for the better, specifically if you need to shuffle between hundreds of people just to get to the mile-long line for the WC). That being said, you shouldn’t miss out on the fun, especially when Chicago is up for a few great shows this summer - Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Green Day with Fall Out Boy and Weezer are going to rock the city in August. Not to mention that in September the Windy City will provide a stage for Blake Shelton, Jonas Brothers, and Harry Styles!
In order to best enjoy those shows, you need to be aware that renting a charter bus in Chicago can make your general admission concert as comfortable as it could get.

Consider concert transportation services in Chicago

This might sound strange to you, even more so if you live in Chicago, however, hiring a transportation company to take you and your friends to the concert could turn out to be a wise decision. First of all, If you want to have the slightest chance of enjoying the front row during a general admission concert, you need to get to the venue as early as possible. Here’s when an experienced chauffeur, who knows how to navigate the city and stays away from busy streets will come in handy. Additionally, if you hire a transportation company, you won’t have to worry about parking. You can simply sit, relax, and even have some pre-drinks with your buddies while you’re riding.

Also, remember that sometimes you have to wait (more than 5 - 6) hours prior to the gate opening in order to secure a nice spot near the stage. When you have a dedicated minibus just for you and your friends, you won’t have to carry huge amounts of food, water, and other necessities with you at all times during the big wait. Talking about necessities, don’t forget to bring a printed copy of your ticket, your phone, your keys, any medication you may need, and even a small bottle of sunscreen. You can conveniently leave everything you don’t need in the van. It’s better to take a walk to the vehicle and grab what you need, rather than to juggle water bottles and snacks throughout the whole day.

Keep in mind that you may also be required to bring a face mask. Even though the world is slowly returning to normal and COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, you don’t want to risk getting infected at the venue, or during your ride to it for that matter. This is yet another reason to avoid using public transport to get to the concert. Many people from all over the world are prepared to pack their bags and travel great distances just to see their favorite star perform. This means that although Chicago may be handling the pandemic well, people from other countries could still carry the virus and transmit it to you while on the bus. Although this risk exists, there are COVID-19 safety measures specifically designed for such events, as shares.

Wrap up your evening with ease

Preparing for the big wait before the start of the concert is essential, but knowing how to call it a night with finesse is just as important. With general admission tickets, one’s for sure - by the end of the night you will be extremely tired, dehydrated and your voice will be husky. All you’ll want to do is just get to a bed or at least to a comfortable sitting space. You will definitely not want to take the walk to the nearest bus stop or underground station (especially if you’ve been on your feet for more than 10 hours) just to spend a couple more hours traveling to your home. Not to mention that commuting home while exhausted during the heavy after-concert traffic can leave a bitter taste in your mouth and you may be left with bad memories about otherwise a spectacular show.

The good news is you can hire a transportation company, avoid all the drama and feel like a rockstar yourself. Not only is the chauffeur going to know convenient routes, which go around traffic jams, but you’ll be able to relax, take a few breaths, drink a glass of chilled water and even have a quick nap on your way home.

Planning a Successful Post-COVID-19 Team-building Weekend in Chicago: From Corporate Transportation To Fun Activities

It’s finally that time of the year when the sun shines a little brighter and the birds sing a little louder. Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect season for planning team-building events in the open air. Getting together with co-workers and indulging in fun activities alongside them can be very beneficial not only for the workflow in your organization but also for employees’ mental health. It can boost the motivation and creativity of your team, it can improve communication and it can help you re-connect with your work-buddies. All of those factors are extremely important, especially now during the “home office era”. The good news is that Chicago is gradually resuming its normal rhythm after the COVID-19 crisis. The city is now in phase V of its reopening plan, which means that more business and capacity restrictions are lifted while still ensuring the safety of citizens with appropriate safeguards. If you’ve been wanting to organize a team-building event in Chicago, then you’ve come to the right place. This article covers everything you need to think about - from corporate travel to choosing the most appropriate group activities for your team.


The accommodation is one of the first things that you need to consider when planning a group activity for your co-workers. Conducting research and choosing the ideal hotel for the purpose is crucial. Tripadvisor can turn out to be very useful for choosing the best business hotel for your event. You will need to speak to your teammates and write down the exact number of people who want to join in on the fun. Make sure to choose a place, which has enough room for everyone. Don’t forget to consider any COVID-19 restrictions which may be in place. Additionally, if you’re not planning on booking an all-inclusive hotel, you must pick accommodation that is near to food stores or restaurants.

Business Travel

Transportation is of main importance when it comes to team-building events. Of course, you could always rely on public transport, however, for extra comfort and safety measures, it’s best if you rent а vehicle for the weekend. Conduct a quick online search to find out which are the best corporate transportation services in Chicago. A great benefit, which you’ll enjoy when signing up for corporate travel is the fact that the company will make sure you always get to your destination on time. Additionally, because you’ll have a dedicated chauffeur, you can always count on him/her if you need more information about a certain attraction or if something doesn’t go according to plan and you need to change directions. Keep in mind that team-building events should be relaxing and enjoyable. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rent a vehicle that comes with extras such as ACs, DVD players, flat-screen monitors, and most importantly luggage compartments.

Stick to the plan

Whether your company just hit an important milestone and you want to celebrate it with a weekend of joy, or you’ve recently hired a couple of new employees and want to help them integrate faster, you need to come up with activities, appropriate for the occasion. Keep in mind that according to, if 60% of your employees believe that their opinion matters, your organization could see a 27% reduction in turnover, a 40% reduction in safety incidents, and a 12% increase in productivity. That is why it’s a good idea to create a list of suitable activities and talk to your teammates to see if they like your ideas. Furthermore, they can also give you recommendations about other exciting adventures around the city. Planning your schedule ahead of time is essential when it comes to corporate team-buildings in Chicago simply because the city is rich in attractions and sights which can mesmerize you. The last thing you want is to return home disappointed due to missing out on an important monument or an exceptionally interesting museum. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget that the heavy traffic in the city may slow you down a notch. So keep delays in mind and leave at least an hour between different events.

Once you've carefully planned the team-building weekend in Chicago and secured your accommodation and transportation, you're ready to enjoy awesome moments with your colleagues. It’s worth noting that more often than not, team-building events are rare occasions. So, although they inspire positivity, creativity, and improved communication, people often forget the valuable lessons by the time the next event rolls around. That is why it’s a good idea to plan regular get-togethers with colleagues. A happy team taking selfies during lunch breaks means you're definitely doing something right.