56-passenger Full-Size Motor Coach Rental

Full-Size Motor Coach

Taking great pride in ensuring your comfort across long-distance journeys, our full-size motor coach is a premium charter bus with a 15-year track record for dependability and convenience.

Boasting on-board features including Wi-Fi, an AC and heat central air system, a PA system and audiovisual equipment, as well as a private restroom, among others, the full-size motor coach can accommodate up to 56 passengers and their luggage. This is stored in the ample space that is located in the undercarriage luggage compartment. The specialized bus rental offers overhead compartments for internal luggage storage, too.

Ideal for large groups traveling both short and long distances, you and your team will be in the safe and capable hands of a specially trained and extensively experienced professional, uniformed driver. Your driver is also highly knowledgeable about travel safety and route navigation. Let your journey begin on a strong note when you book your full-size motor coach with us!

Inside a 56-Passenger Full-Size Motor Coach

Vehicle Overview

  • 56 passengers: Suitable for transportation of large groups such as sports teams or wedding guests, ensuring everyone travels together.
  • Cloth adjustable seats with Seat Belts: Ensuring comfort and safety for all passengers, especially during long rides.
  • Wi-Fi: Available upon request for an additional fee
  • AC & Heat Central Air System: Maintain the perfect temperature throughout your journey.
  • PA System: For announcements or entertainment.
  • Monitors and DVD player: Keep entertained during your trip.
  • Under Carriage luggage compartment: Ensures that all your suitcases are safe and organized.
  • Overhead Storage: Convenient storage for personal items and hand luggage.
  • Uniformed chauffeur: Experienced, professional, and dedicated to making your journey smooth.
  • AM/FM Radio | CD Player: Enjoy your favorite songs or news on the go.
  • Private Restroom

The Best Ways to Use a Coach Bus

Suitable for practically any occasion, booking your coach bus is now a breeze. Book us for events that include:

Corporate Transportation

Whether it’s a teambuilding exercise that you’re taking your team on or you’re attending trade shows, a company retreat, or an important off-site meeting, you’re in safe hands with our coach bus. Ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for you and the members of your staff, you’ll have all the needed amenities on-board to help you plan and prepare or simply relax and unwind on your trip prior to your corporate event.

Airport Transportation

The two main airports servicing Chicago are O’Hare and Midway International Airports. But choosing to drive yourself and your team to and from the airport or opting for public transportation with large groups is often inconvenient. With our full-size coach bus, your team will travel as one, while being assured of accurate pick-up and drop-off locations and perfect timing.

Sports & Concert Events

Sports and concert events are an exciting adventure to embark on. And whether you and your band are the one taking to the stage or to the sport field or whether you and your group are the spectators, one thing is for sure: you’ll have everything you need on-board to assure you of your comfort while being picked up and dropped off at the right spot – on time, every time.


Planning for your wedding guests’ transportation needs has never been easier. With our full-size motor coach, you can prevent issues and time wasted such as looking for parking or even getting lost en-route. Perfect for large groups of guests, you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind as you say your “I do’s” at your specially chosen venue.


There’s no easier or more stress-free way to experience Chicago than through city tours to some of the Windy City’s major attractions through rides on our full-size motor coach. With excellent amenities on-board and the professionalism and extensive knowledge of our uniformed drivers, your Chicago tour just became a lot more fun, pleasant, and convenient.

Sports Teams

With over 15 years of ground transportation experience to our names, it doesn’t matter whether you are organizing the transportation of professional or student athletes. That’s because we help take all the organizational stress away with easy and convenient bookings as well as reliable transportation that sees your team hit the field, court, or track on time and without the added stress of managing large groups and their luggage or even finding the location without getting lost or finding suitable parking for everyone.

General FAQs

A coach bus is a road form of transportation that has the capacity to transport many passengers (50+) over long distances across a state or a country. The seats on these buses are usually designed for much greater levels of comfort than regular town or intra-city buses.

A coach bus derives its name from horse-drawn carriages before motorized road transportation fully developed. These horse-drawn carriages used to convey mail, luggage, and passengers. Today, a coach bus has ample space for luggage in the undercarriage compartment, similar to these carriages and hence its name.

Although the standard coach bus can seat around 56 passengers, coach capacity can differ and seating availability can range from 36 up to 60 passengers.

Coach bus rentals are extremely well-suited for large groups and/or teams whose needs include road transportation as opposed to rail or air transportation.

A coach bus rental comes with a variety of benefits including a comfortable and stress-free experience for the passengers. In addition to this, it is a safe and reliable mode of transportation that is also budget-friendly and eco-friendly, due to the fact that there are fewer vehicles on the road.

For those who would like to rent a coach bus, it is worth noting that they are suitable for extensive types of trips for large groups. Examples include: corporate transportation, airport transportation, sports and concert events, weddings, tours, transporting sport teams, school field trips, reunions, church events, parties, functions, and more.

Coach bus rentals are considered an environmentally-friendlier and more sustainable mode of transportation as opposed to using vehicles or air transport. The use of coach buses reduces passengers’ carbon footprints to promote fewer carbon emissions and have a lighter impact on the environment.

Coach bus rentals are considered a highly safe mode of transportation because coach buses are driven by experienced drivers who are well-acquainted with the upcoming route for the journey ahead. This means you do not have to worry about navigating traffic or trying to find your desired location.

Coach Bus Amenities, Accessibility, and Features

Many modern coach buses have television screens for passenger convenience.

While some coach buses may have bathrooms on-board, most do not. However, they do have restroom facilities such as toilets and sinks.

Yes, modern coach buses have restrooms inside as well as sinks to ensure passengers’ greater levels of comfort. These buses have been designed this way especially to accommodate passenger comfort during long journeys to avoid restroom break pit-stops.

Luckily, most coach buses do have power outlets, enabling passengers to charge their phones while on-board, whether it’s for work purposes or for pleasure.

Coach bus toilets have been designed for use while the coach is moving, so you can definitely use the restroom facilities while the coach is moving on the road. However, it’s worth remembering that because of the continued motion, you should try to keep a strong balance while inside and outside the restroom.

For those who would like to sleep on a long-distance journey on a coach bus, the seats in the middle of the bus are usually the best option. Meanwhile, those passengers who would like to observe the scenery and their surroundings will be better positioned towards the front of the bus.

Some coach buses are wheelchair accessible meaning that special space is usually allocated on the bus for the person using the wheelchair. In some cases, coach buses can accommodate one or a maximum of two wheelchairs per journey.

Coach buses’ storage space is comparable to the amount of storage space that one would be allocated for an airplane trip. Usually, a 56-seater coach bus can accommodate up to 56 suitcases in the undercarriage storage compartment. However, there is also space allocated for smaller pieces of luggage in the overhead compartment inside the bus.

Many of the more modern coach buses do have tray tables for passengers’ greater levels of comfort.

Because our vehicles are DOT-regulated and because it is unlawful to rent a bus to unauthorized personnel, it is not possible to rent a coach bus without a driver.

Although our coach buses have a lavatory on-board, should pit stops be required, we will honor each client’s request.

Absolutely! You can rent a coach bus for yourself and your family as well as friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, irrespective of the type of long-distance bus journey you plan on making. Our coach bus capacity is suitable for up to 56 passengers.

Should you have needs that extend to more than 56 passengers at a time, you are welcome to rent more than one coach bus for your needs.

Yes, definitely. Coach bus toilets have been specially designed for use while the bus is moving. This is an important way of reducing the number of pit stops during the journey, thus getting you to your destination faster.

Because coach buses have a specific amount of allocated space in the undercarriage compartment, every passenger is advised to bring a maximum of one suitcase per person for their trip. However, there is space for smaller luggage items in the overhead compartments on-board that you can also use.

Yes, food and drinks are allowed on a coach travel bus and it’s highly recommended that you bring along healthy foods and drinks so that you avoid feeling motion sickness or nauseous due to fatty or greasy foods or caffeinated or high-sugar drinks.

Although driver gratuity is not compulsory, it is highly appreciated by the driver and the amount will depend on your levels of satisfaction with their driving skills.

Booking a coach bus near you with Bus Connection is now easier than ever. All you have to do is visit our website and click on the “Get a Quote” button. From there, fill in all your details such as your personal and trip information, dates and times, as well as location and we will respond to your query as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can always give us a call or send us an email with your requirements.

At Bus Connection, we carry $5 million in liability insurance for each of our passengers’ peace of mind.

In order to cancel an already booked coach bus, you will need to give us 7 days’ notice for local trips and 14 days in advance for Over The Road trips. In addition to this, your deposit of 20% for Local and 30% for Over the Road trips is non-refundable. Should you cancel less than 7 or 14 days from the date of service, you will be required to pay the full amount charged at the time of booking.

If you are wondering about the cost of a coach bus and payment plans, at Bus Connection, payment plans are not offered. Instead, we require a 20% non-refundable deposit for local trips and a 30% non-refundable deposit for Over the Road trips a the time of reservation in order to guarantee your booking. The outstanding balance is applied seven days for local and 14 days for Over the Road trips, prior to the service date.

It is highly recommended that you make your reservation with us as soon as possible due to the high volume of requests that we receive for coach buses.