Frequently Asked Questions About Our Charter Bus Service

General Information

The Chicago Private Bus Rental Service is a service we at Bus Connection offer to groups – both large and small, at your convenience, with your chosen dates for travel, and where we pick you up and deliver you to your chosen destination in style and comfort.

You can book a private bus with us by booking through our online booking form, sending us an email, or by giving us a call.

We offer a variety in our fleet of vehicles, including full-size luxury SUVs, Mercedes Sprinter, Executive Mini-Bus, Executive Coach Bus, and a Full-Size Motor Coach.

Our fleet of vehicles can accommodate from six to 56 passengers.

Yes, our buses are wheelchair accessible.

Pricing and Payment

The total and final rental rates for our buses depend on a series of factors and your final price will be calculated once you submit the full information in our online booking for. However, we can point out some of the minimum costs we charge for for Point-to Point transportation. These costs are as follows:

Point-To-Point rates starting from:

  • 6 pax SUV: $100.00
  • 14 pax Sprinter van: $250.00
  • 24 pax Minibus: $350.00
  • 39 pax Minibus: $400.00
  • 56 pax Coach: $650.00

Bear in mind that these fees include fuel surcharges, processing fees and the Chicago Ground Transportation tax. In addition, all rates are subject to change without reservation and those rates do not apply on weekends and also if a trip is more than 40 miles from O’Hare Airport.

Yes, there is a minimum rental duration with its associated cost, which is calculated as follows, depending on the mode of transportation in our fleet that you opt for:

Hourly rates/hourly minimums starting from:

  • 6 pax SUV: $90.00/hr – 2 hrs/min
  • 14 pax Sprinter van: $100.00/hr – 3 hrs/min on weekdays; 4 hrs/min on weekends
  • 24 pax Minibus: $120.00/hr – 4 hrs/min
  • 39 pax Minibus: 140.00/hr – 4 hrs/min
  • 56 pax coach: $170.00/hr – 5 hrs/min; each additional hour is $150.00

It is worth noting that taxes and gratuity are not included in our final calculation of the price.

Yes, we do! We offer a 10% discount during the months of January, February, August, and December.

There are two ways to confirm your reservation with us. You will receive an automatic text message to confirm your reservation. However, you can also give us a call or to ensure the right vehicle in our fleet is reserved for your trip. Regarding payment confirmation, kindly note that we will send you a contract via email that contains a thorough breakdown and the details of the reservation that you have made with us.

Service Details

It is against state laws for a bus to be driven by unauthorized personnel. As such, we provide drivers for your journey, who are fully licensed and highly experienced in navigating busy city streets as well as the roads that take you on longer journeys across the state and outside the state borders.

Yes, you can rent a bus for multiple days or weeks. You just need to let us know in advance for how long you will need your particular mode of transportation from our fleet so that we ensure we reserve the right bus for you.

Absolutely! You can request that our driver takes you through a particular route, as chosen by you, and that they make the necessary stops that you desire throughout your trip.

We definitely offer airport transfers and shuttle services, particularly to and from Midway and O’Hare International Airports.

Amenities and Customization

Our minibuses and buses are equipped with a variety of on-board amenities, including but not limited to: Wi-Fi available upon request for an additional fee, AC & Heat Central Air System, a PA system, Monitors and a DVD player, undercarriage luggage compartment (for our full-size motor coach), overhead storage, a uniformed chauffeur, AM/FM Radio | CD Player, and a private restroom (also for our full-size motor coach).

Yes, you can ensure a festive atmosphere for your special event such as a wedding or birthday by decorating the bus. However, we request that you only use materials that will not cause damage to the interior and exterior of the bus.

Yes, you can take advantage of our monitors and DVD player, as well as the CD player, to play your own music or videos on the bus during your trip.

You can bring food and drinks on board our buses.

Policies and Procedures

We do have a cancellation policy for already-booked minibuses and buses. You will need to give us seven days’ notice for local trips and 14 days in advance for Over The Road trips. In addition to this, your deposit of 20% for Local and 30% for Over the Road trips is non-refundable. Should you cancel less than seven or 14 days from the date of service, you will be required to pay the full amount charged at the time of booking.

Due to high demand, we encourage you to book as far in advance as possible to ensure you secure your mode of transportation from our fleet of vehicles offered.

We do allow some pets on our buses. Examples of such pets include service dogs.

No, there are no passenger age restrictions on our buses.

Yes, we are at your disposal to ensure that you have a comfortable and convenient journey. That is why we can make multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, in terms of your instructions.

At Bus Connection, we do not have any seasonal restrictions or blackout dates. Instead, we operate throughout the year—24/7/365—for your convenience.

Safety and Maintenance

In the event of a breakdown or an emergency, we will send a certified mechanic to the site. However, if they are unable to carry out the repairs on the road, we will send a rescue bus as an alternative solution.

Our buses are cleaned and inspected at our home terminal on a daily basis. In addition, we pass State and Federal Safety Inspections every six months.

At Bus Connection, we carry $5 million in liability insurance for each of our passengers’ peace of mind.

Feedback and Support

You are welcome to submit your feedback or file a complaint by contacting our management team directly.

At Bus Connection, we are proud to offer you a service with 24/7/365 operating hours. You are welcome to contact us by calling +1-888-716-2552. Alternatively, feel free to send us an email at the following email address:

The bus parking location and costs during a rental period will differ depending on the event. In general, our drivers are trained to park at designated areas. However, if bus parking is required, the client is responsible for any applicable parking fees.

Chicago-Specific Questions

Our buses can access most routes and landmarks in Chicago, although some routes may require a short walk from the location where the bus is parked.

Our chauffeurs are highly trained to safely handle different types of traffic conditions.

In general, there are no special permits that are required for certain Chicago neighborhoods and events. However, some events may require a parking permit from the City of Chicago.

Our drivers/chauffeurs are very familiar with Chicago’s streets and landmarks since we provide intensive training to each of our driving professionals.

Yes, certainly! Our buses can accommodate stops at some of Chicago’s most popular attractions.

In the event of inclement weather conditions, we will be notified by the City of Chicago. However, we also follow local news and weather channels, and we pass the relevant information along to our chauffeurs.

Destinations Out of Chicago

Yes, we cover areas outside of Chicago as well as inter-state travel to neighboring states such as Indiana and Wisconsin.

For Over the Road trips, the client is responsible for the driver(s)’ accommodation and any applicable parking fees at the destination.

We do not charge our clients toll fees.

Yes, this is absolutely possible.

We operate within a 500-mile radius from Chicago.

Yes, absolutely! We provide private bus rental services to popular destinations near Chicago. You just need to tell us where you’re going and we will ensure a safe and comfortable journey for you and your group.