39-passenger Executive Coach Bus

Executive coach bus

Our spacious and stylish executive charter buses are designed to accommodate mid-size to large groups. Commonly used for weddings, airport shuttles, corporate events, and team transportation for both short- and long-distance trips.

Inside a 39-Passenger Coach Bus

Vehicle Overview

  • 39 passengers: Ideal for medium-sized group transportation, ensuring that everyone travels together.
  • Black Exterior: The buses feature a sleek black exterior, projecting a professional and sophisticated image, perfect for all types of events and occasions.
  • Leather reclining seats with Seat Belts: Each seat is designed for comfort and safety, featuring leather upholstery, a reclining function, and an integrated seat belt for each passenger.
  • Armrests and LED Reading lights: Enhance your travel experience with individual armrests and personal LED reading lights, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your journey.
  • AC & Heat Central Air System: Ensures a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather outside.
  • PA system: For announcements or entertainment.
  • Flat Screen monitors and DVD player: Keep entertained during your travels.
  • Rear Luggage Space: Ample rear luggage space ensures that all your belongings are securely and conveniently stored during your trip.
  • Overhead Storage: Additional overhead storage compartments provide easy access to carry-on items, keeping the cabin clutter-free.
  • Uniformed chauffeur:Our experienced and professional chauffeurs are dedicated to providing a smooth, safe, and enjoyable travel experience, from start to finish.
  • AM/FM Radio | CD Player: Enjoy music or news on the go.

The Best Ways to Use an Executive Coach Bus in Chicago

Our Executive Coach Buses are ideal for accommodating larger groups with a range of needs

Corporate Transportation

Perfect for transporting larger corporate groups to conferences, company retreats, or business events. Our coach buses ensure everyone travels together in comfort and style.

Airport Transportation

Ideal for larger groups or teams, we provide efficient and spacious transportation to and from both O’Hare and Midway International Airports. Travel with ease, without the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles.

Sports & Concert Events

Gather your friends or colleagues for an exciting group outing to sports games or concerts. Our coach buses make it simple to travel as a group, avoiding the stress of parking and traffic.


Ensure your guests arrive together and on time for your special day. Our coach buses offer a comfortable and reliable option for transporting guests between venues.

City Tours

Explore the landmarks and attractions of Chicago with ease. Our coach buses provide a comfortable and accommodating way for larger groups to enjoy city tours, with plenty of space and onboard amenities.

General FAQs:

An Executive Coach Bus is a spacious and luxurious vehicle designed to transport large groups. It offers a range of amenities for comfort and convenience, making it ideal for various group travel needs.

Our Executive Coach Buses can comfortably seat 39 passengers, catering to different group sizes and travel requirements.

These buses are popular among large corporate groups, event organizers, sports teams, and for special occasions like weddings or group tours. They’re perfect for any group looking to travel together in comfort.

Renting an Executive Coach Bus means your group enjoys spacious seating, onboard entertainment, climate control, and professional chauffeured service. It’s a convenient and comfortable way to travel as a group.

Yes, our Executive Coach Buses are great for airport transfers. They provide ample space for passengers and luggage, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ride to and from your chosen airport.

Indeed, our buses are equipped with flat-screen monitors, DVD players, and a high-quality sound system for your entertainment during your journey.

Absolutely. Our Executive Coach Buses come with significant rear luggage space as well as overhead storage compartments for carry-on items.

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