Being a part of an amateur sports team is undoubtedly an exciting experience. It can boost your confidence, help you manage your time better, improve your team working skills and encourage you to improve your self-discipline. However, attending sports events and competing in tournaments with your team is simply priceless. You not only get the chance to show your abilities (and hopefully – win the big prize) but also you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your teammates. It’s not a secret that Chicago is well-known for its sports teams, events, and tournaments. According to, the city will always be a football town. That being said, Chicago attracts sports teams, which participate in a variety of sports including basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, rugby, and more. Additionally, now that the windy city (and the whole world for that matter) is slowly returning to normality, we can expect that Chicago is going to be the host of ever more amateur games. Therefore, you better be ready to indulge in the fun and attend a tournament together with your team. Furthermore, you can even organize an amateur match between you and your biggest competitor. To ensure that you get the gold, however, you will have to consider some important details when planning for the game. From renting charter busses to creating a detailed schedule for the day, you will find essential information on how to organize your trip and end the day with a memorable victory.

Arranging transportation for the whole athletic team

One of the first things that you must think about is how to get yourself and your team to the game and back. Yes, of course, you can ask everyone to hop in their cars and be there at a certain time. Alternatively, if you’re coaching a team of schoolchildren you can also ask the parents of your players to give them a ride to the venue. However, this may not be the best decision because sharing the ride with your team can be crucial for your success for multiple reasons. First of all, you probably know how important it is to be physically and mentally ready for the upcoming game. You need to make sure that you are at the very least comfortable during the ride because you don’t want to arrive at the venue feeling stiff, sore, and crampy. So, if your teammates are stuck in traffic jams behind the wheel for a couple of hours instead of being able to relax in a comfortable vehicle during the journey, you can see how that can play a role in their performance. Furthermore, your transportation should allow you and your teammates to take a few moments to reflect on previous games you’ve played together. Consider any situations that can influence your performance and go through your strategy for the upcoming match. As shares, talking about the match and tactics or using mental imagery to practice key movements of the game can help with your mental preparation. And since you’re playing a team sport, you simply can’t do this by yourself. You have to be together with your teammates. Therefore, talking to a transportation company and hiring a big enough vehicle for everyone is your best team transport option.

Preparing for the day

There are quite a few tips and tricks that can help you prepare yourself and the team for the game, but two of them are truly crucial for your success. The first piece of advice that you need to follow is to be well-rested. It is very important to get a good night’s sleep on the night before your match. According to a study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s webpage, getting an extended sleep beyond one’s habitual nightly sleep likely contributes to improved athletic performance, reaction time, daytime sleepiness, and mood. Furthermore, a good rest can increase your team’s speed by 5% and shooting accuracy (for basketball players) by 9%. That is why it’s best if you get to bed early on the day before your game.

The other key aspect that you should consider is staying hydrated throughout the whole day (it’s best if you start drinking more fluids a few days prior to your game). When staying hydrated you replace the water you lose through sweat and maintain your body temperature stable, preventing cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. As the performance dietitian, Brittany Wehrle shares almost every measurement of performance – aerobic endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, and reaction time – decreases with as little as 2% dehydration. So, bottoms up!

Other important preparation methods include:

  • Using positive self-talk
  • Taking your mind off the game to avoid stress and overthinking
  • Meditating
  • Staying focused
  • Setting realistic goals

Last but not least, keep it positive! After all, being in an amateur team takes the pressure off of you. You don’t have to play professionally, you simply need to have fun. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much. Take a few breaths to calm yourself, put on your favorite music to motivate and pump yourself up before the game and focus on having a great time with your team. Do your best and success will follow naturally. Good luck!