Valentine’s Day in Chicago: Romantic Getaways

If flowers and a box of chocolates have always been your go-to for Valentine’s Day, this year, you probably want to do something different. Something out of the box. Something special to spoil your loved one. If you have yourself scratching your head with no idea where to start looking or what you could possibly do, fear not. Folks, we’ve lined up some of the top activities, places, and locations for you in Chicago this Valentine’s Day to make it a completely unforgettable one. Let’s take a closer look.Read more

Large Group Dining in Chicago: Your Ultimate Guide

The new year has arrived! But the celebrations are not over! Whether you’d like to take out business clients for a dinner to say thank you or you’ve got a birthday you’d like to celebrate, you need a location that can accommodate many people with ease and comfort. No more uncomfortable discussions about split bills or who ordered what.Read more

Fine Rooftop Dining: Your Guide to the Best Igloos and Rooftop Bars in Chicago

While temperatures in Chicago continue to plummet, some things are really heating up in the city’s restaurant scene! They’ve been called pods, greenhouses, and igloos, to name just a few. And they’re pretty much the coolest thing about outdoor dining in Chicago. It doesn’t matter which suburb you find yourself in, there are igloos for the whole family to enjoy. Although some may require a prior reservation, this is the best option for privacy to be enjoyed with loved ones.

In this guide, we’ve put together a list of our favorites, both in and around Chicago, and hope you take full advantage of it! There’s something here for everyone! And the menu varieties are sure to impress and delight! Let’s dive right in…

14 of the best igloos in and around town


  1. London House Chicago Rooftop

Overlooking Chicago’s Magnificent Mile on the 22nd floor of the London House Chicago, you will experience lH rooftop, with breathtaking panoramic views of the city, in the comfort of cozy rooftop igloos, or dine indoors as well. Enjoy dining on the LH Rooftop, enjoying signature and classic cocktails, a large selection of craft beers and great wine, enjoy one of the best rooftop experiences in the city with great décor, cozy igloos with heaters and comfy blankets for a great night out.

  1. Winter Wonderland at the IO Godfrey

No matter how cold Chicago’s winter may be, you can enjoy a fun evening out in your cozy igloo atop the Godfrey, located at 127 West Huron.  Tucked inside your own igloo snow globe, enjoy a winter wonderland with great food and cocktails. Walk outside your igloo and roast s’mores over the outdoor fire pits, and stay warm and cozy wearing plush robes and blankets.

  1. Osteria Via Stato

Located on 620 N. State Street in downtown Chicago, Osteria Via Stato is a quaint Italian restaurant that was inspired by the Italian Alps for its outdoor dining experience. Your personal heated outdoor greenhouse can seat up to four people. And of course, Italian treats abound. The kids will absolutely love the classic cheese pizza topped off with a gelato dessert.

  1. Park & Field

Looking for something sporty? You’ve got it at Park & Field! This is a sports and club eatery located at 35909 W. Fullerton Avenue in Logan Square. Open throughout the year, it features fire pits, patio heaters, a heated yurt, and tents where you can enjoy the warmth. The kids’ menu features the classic mac and cheese bowl. While you can bring your own blankets (BYOB), you can also purchase them on-site. The four seasons rugby room will be enclosed during the winter and heated, making it the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family.

  1. Pilsen Yards

Pilsen Yards’ entire east patio wall is open to the outdoors. Even though it doesn’t feature a kids’ menu, the tacos, nachos, or sweet corn tamales more than make up for this. This fun and festive dining experience is located at 1163 W. 18th Street.

North/northwest suburbs

  1. Buffalo Creek Brewing

For those looking for an authentic German Alpine Biergarten experience, Buffalo Creek Brewing could be the right place for you! Located on 360 Historical Lane in Long Grove, this brewery transforms into a winter oasis. Kids will love the outdoor games and homemade non-alcoholic sodas. But there’s something unique for the adults, too. Ranging from fire pits, table heat lamps, mood lighting, blankets, throws, and scarves for sale, the holiday decor is all set against the backdrop of a glorious pine forest.

  1. The Glen Club

The Glen Club offers dining or lounge igloos and the view from these is absolutely stunning. Overlooking the golf club in Glenview, this dining experience can be found at 2901 W. Lake Avenue. The dessert options are simply divine and feature the rich and decadent chocolate fondue and s’mores kit.

South suburbs

  1. The Forge

Couples or groups of four can spend up to 90 minutes enjoying a candle-lit meal in a stunning igloo while taking in the sights and sounds of the picturesque Forge Quarry with the Eight Towers Adventure ahead in the distance. This lovely location can be found at 1001 Main Street, Lemont.

  1. DIGS on Canal

Looking for a more spacious place to lounge? Try DIGS on Canal in Lemont. Near Lemont’s I&M and Ship and Sanitary Canals, you can enjoy sumptuous weekday or weekend meals. Its menu is filled with kid-friendly meals including burgers, pizza, and mac and cheese. The latter is available in a build-your-own format or as a flight. Adults, on the other hand, can order some tasty Pollyanna beer.

  1. Freedom Brothers Pizza

A pizza joint in Plainfield? Why not? Great for a whole-family experience, you can have lunch or dinner there with pizzas, sandwiches, and salads available to suit any taste bud. There are also many customizable choices for children. And of course, the dessert is absolutely divine and features dessert pizza, cotton candy, and s’mores dips.

Western Suburbs

  1. Bien Trucha

Situated on 410 W. State Street in the Geneva suburb, Bien Trucha is a suburban Mexican restaurant. Offering personal outdoor dining pods with lights, music, and heaters, it’s perfect for the entire family! Signature treats include traditional guacamole, pelote dip, various taco options, and churro bites.

  1. Gia Mia

The Geneva and St. Charles suburbs bring us Gia Mia! This restaurant features igloos and great Italian food. But that’s not all! The kids’ menu is absolutely divine and includes treats such as calzones and meatballs, mac and cheese, cheese pizza, and so much more.

  1. Stray Hen Cafe

Looking for somewhere to dine out in Elmhurst? Try the Stray Hen Cafe! It has an extensive menu and serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Kids can enjoy the waffle flights, Mickey Mouse pancakes, and more than two dozen different egg dishes - ranging from skillets to omelets to sandwiches. Adults, on the other hand, can choose from a dozen brunch cocktails in igloos on the sidewalk patio.

  1. Fiamme Pizza

Near downtown, Naperville features winter villas and greenhouses to keep guests warm. This is a classic Neapolitan pizzeria, offering villas that seat six. Meanwhile, greenhouses hold up to four guests. You and your loved ones can enjoy pasta entrees and wood-fired or Detroit-style pizzas. All this can be topped off with decadent desserts such as the Mount Vesuvio brownie sundae.

Final thoughts

Wrapping up our list of the 14 best igloo places in and around Chicago for you to enjoy on a cold, wintry day, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to worry about transportation. We all know that parking and even finding the venue can be a difficult and cumbersome task. But why spoil your day or evening?

At Bus Connection, we offer a variety of buses to get you to and from your chosen location safely and in good spirits so that you can enjoy your time out with your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll ensure you’re dropped off where and when you need it smoothly and seamlessly. We’re just a call or a click away so feel free to get in touch!

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How to organize the perfect birthday party for your best friend?

If you are a good friend you are going to show up to the party of your best friend with awesome presents. If you are truly best friends, you should organize a surprise party for them at least once in their lives. Get some special events transportation, cruise around the clubs. Or maybe have a garden party in vintage style? The choice is yours. We are going to provide you with some awesome surprise birthday party ideas that you can organize. 

What to consider before the party

Before we start laying down ideas, we have to mark several important aspects. When throwing a surprise party for someone you have to: 

  • have a guest list with the people they want to invite; 
  • have a great idea about the presents; 
  • know that the whole party will be organized in a way that the person will like. 

If you are planning to order food or have a catering service, just remember to check the food preferences of the guests and if they have some food allergies. This is a common mistake that people do while planning. 

Option one: Special events transportation and going around bars and clubs

Here is our first idea for a great VIP experience. Get a limo and go around Chicago in style. Visit your favorite bars and clubs and have a great time. You can open a bottle of champagne in the limo, have the chauffeur play your favorite music. This is something that famous and rich people do all the time. Why not provide such an experience for the birthday party of your best friend? 

Option two: Kidnap them and surprise them with an awesome day to their liking

This one is a little hard to pull off if they live alone. However, if they have roommates or family, you can ask them to help you out. The “kidnapping” part is nothing major - just show up at their home in the morning and tell them to come with you. You can put a blindfold on them but it is not needed. 

Then give them an awesome day to their liking. This might be a game of golf, horse riding, or playing arcade games all day. The options are really limitless and are all up to your imagination and what your best friends like. 

Option three: Garden party in vintage style

Now this will only work if the birthday of your best friend is in late spring or in the summer. Research what type of venue you can rent for such a garden party. It can be an afternoon cocktail in vintage style with an open bar and light music. This is perfect if you don’t want to have a party with loud music and dancing. This type of gathering is more suitable for doing some catching up and fun games. Of course, you can host something like this in the afternoon and continue with a party in the evening. 

Option four: Birthday party on a boat

There is always the option to rent a small yacht and have a party there. This is an awesome experience. Just be careful! Someone might get drunk and decide to go for a swim. Such a thing will ruin the whole party. It is a good idea to book a DJ for the day and have some transportation for all of the guests to the port. 

Option five: Rooftop party with a DJ

This option is available for nice weather as well. Imagine a rooftop party with a DJ, some cool lights, and an open bar. It is almost the same as some of the previous ideas on our list. However, the rooftop location is what brings added value to this idea. Finding a good spot for such a party can be challenging but it will pay out in the end. Look for a place with an amazing view. That is what makes the magic happen. 

Those are our five ideas for а great birthday party that you can organize for your best friends. We hope you are going to have a great time! 

What to have in mind when planning your special event in 2022?

You are planning a wedding or another special event in 2022? While congratulations are in order, we are familiar with all the stress that goes along with the organization of everything. You have to take care of million things and be very patient with the demands of your guests. In this article, we are going to give you some rock-solid tips on event planning that are universal for any type of special event. 

Remember that Covid-19 is still around

Covid-19 is something you must consider for every part of your planning. It doesn’t matter if it is related to wedding transportation in Chicago or hiring a choir to sing at your special event. You don’t need to be a genius to notice that in the colder months the number of cases is rising, while in the spring and summer it goes down. It is better to plan your special event when the weather is warm. This not only means less chance of strict measures regarding Covid-19 but also the possibility to host your wedding party or special event outdoors. 

Hotel and transportation for your guests

Even if you are not paying the bill for the transport and accommodation, you have to provide your guests with some options. Consult with them what do they prefer: 

  • Maybe a hotel close to the venue? 
  • A place to stay that will allow them to go sightseeing? 
  • Or perhaps a hotel close to the airport? 

You need to clear these things out and know what places to recommend. Also, hiring or giving information about charter transportation from the airport is something that will make their stay better. Double-check if some of your guests are arriving with babies or pets. In this case, there will be extra requirements for the hotel they will stay in. 

Book a venue in time

Once the date for the special event is set and you know the number of guests be sure to book the venue you want. If you don’t act quickly the best ones won’t be available to you. There are a lot of weddings and special events in Chicago every year. And everybody wants to book the best places. Don’t get left behind just because you didn’t plan ahead. Here are some essentials to consider: 

  • Is the specific venue within your budget? 
  • Is there an option to go inside if it rains? 
  • Is there going to be enough room for dancing? 

Most people forget to check the answers to the question above and then regret their decision about booking a certain venue. Don’t be one of them. 

Have some fun games 

Sometimes it is hard to get the party started. There is one secret for putting everybody in the mood - get the girls dancing! Then each of them will invite her husband or boyfriend to the dance floor. And once there are 5-10 couples dancing, others will follow. If this scenario doesn’t play out don’t get disappointed. Just include some fun games that will get people moving. Here are some classic ideas: 

  • Dance-off battle; 
  • Dollar dash (works for weddings only); 
  • Generation dance. 

There are a lot of amazing ideas. Just remember to read the room. If people are in the middle of the main course and you announce a dance-off battle you will likely be left alone to play it. 

Introduce the guests to each other before the special event

It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding or another type of special event that you have in mind. The party will be better if people know each other. While in most cases all guests can't be friends you can at least try to introduce them before the event. Have some cocktail with an open bar and chat with everybody for 1-2 hours before the evening starts. It would be perfect if you can invite some of your guests to family dinners or birthday parties and let them get to know each other there. In that way, you won’t have a special event with 100 people that are strangers. 

Organizing special events is stressful. However, once you see everybody having fun, you forget about the tension and just start to enjoy yourself. Remember that after all this is your special day. Make it count. You are the important one!

Important things to consider when organizing a wedding in Chicago

So, you are planning a wedding in Chicago? That is just amazing! The city is one of the best places in America where couples can get married. All right, we live here and we are going to cheer for it, but we can give you some great advice on wedding planning. Just follow our lead and you will be fine with the organization and will have less stress and more enjoyment in the whole process. 

Be prepared for any type of weather

Chicago is the perfect place for outdoor weddings. However, we advise you to check the weather forecast and rent out a venue where you can be outside, but there is an option to move inside as well. Do that just in case if it is too windy or it starts to rain. This will limit your options for the venue but it will give you a great backup plan if the weather is bad. And if the wedding starts in the afternoon and continues in the evening, you can start outside and have dinner indoors. 

Transportation for your guests

One of the most important things you should consider. You should hire a reliable company that offers wedding transportation in Chicago. This is a good choice because you don’t have to worry about how the guests will arrive if they are going to be on time if they will find the wedding venue, etc. This will take a lot of your organizing plate and leave more time for you to be focused on more essential things related to the ceremony and the party afterward. And you can also consider special wedding transportation for the bride and the groom.

Make a checklist with everything 

You will be surprised that most organizers don’t have a master plan. We advise you to make one huge checklist with everything related to the wedding - invitations, meals, venue, guests, flowers, music. Put everything you can think of in there. Then add deadlines to each activity and follow them strictly. Having everything in one place will help you be more organized and centered when you have to check something or react quickly to any changes. It will also be easier to calculate the total budget and see if you are okay with the financial side of organizing the whole thing. 

Ask if someone wants to surprise the bride and the groom 

One of the worst things we have seen happen at weeding is when the organizer has everything planned to the split of a second and someone decides to announce a surprise for the bride and the groom. Then all the clever organization and planning goes to hell. This is why we advise you to ask in advance if someone from the guests plans something special. It can be a speech, a dance, a funny game, a present, or some funky family tradition. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure you know about it and put it in your plans. 

Plan the photoshoot

This is a common mistake. When making plans for weddings, people often don’t leave enough time for the special photoshoot of the bride and the groom. Talk with them and with the photographer about how much time they will need if they want to take shots in some specific places and make it work with the other activities you have in your schedule. This is something special so it should come as a priority. When you make the huge list we mentioned earlier, write this down on the top of it. 

Organizing a wedding in Chicago is amazing. Sure, it can be stressful but it is worth it! You are going to enjoy a great time. And who knows - you might be the next in line to go down the aisle and say “Yes!”.