How to plan your band's tour in post-Covid times?

Since the dawn of rock and roll, the most anticipated thing for any band is going on a tour. Going around the state or the country and performing live is something amazing. We missed it during the pandemic, but now we can enjoy those moments once again. And while for the fans it is pure joy to watch their favorite musicians live, the organization of a tour can be a bit of a challenge. In this article, we are going to provide few tips for those in charge of this responsible task - managers or members of a music band that are planning to organize a tour. 

Top five things you need to plan before your band´s tour

Before you take to the road and start the tour, there are several things you need to take care of and plan for them. The better preparations you make - the better and smoother the tour will go. 

Route and tour transportation

If you are going on a tour then the band is famous. The question is, how famous exactly? Are we speaking about a tour within the limits of the state, or maybe something huge like nationwide series of concerts? Decide in which cities you will be performing, and then continue planning with the tour transportation. This is the most important thing and we recommend hiring professionals that provide transportation for tours as a service. By doing so, you don't have to worry about who is going to be driving, if they are going to be rested enough (after or before the performance), what route you have to take and where you have to park. A professional driver will have an answer to all of these questions. And you will have fewer things to plan. 

Make arrangements with the clubs

Live performances out in the open are amazing, and we love them. However, as you probably know, most bands play in clubs. After you select the cities in which you are going to perform, you should find the most suitable places to host your concerts. Once you do, try to book them in advance and make the best arrangements possible with the owner/manager. Some will want rent, while others will be happy just to provide their customers with live music events. That means more money for them anyway. Whatever agreement you make, put it in writing. In that way, they can´t back off at the last minute. 

Find proper places to stay 

You and the rest of the band are going to need a place to stay after each concert. Pick something that is close to the venue and is within your budget. Since you will be on the road for a long time, it is good to have comfortable beds and the opportunity to take a nice shower. If you have some time, you can even check out the tourist sites in the places which you will be visiting. Make sure the hotel/motel/hostel where you will behave flexible check-in and check-out time. This is important in case you need to leave early in the morning, or if you are arriving late at night. 

Promotion of the events

The clubs that will host your concerts will be making some promotion of the event. Note that the main responsibility of marketing is on you. After all, this is your tour. Use the full potential of social media - create a Facebook event for each concert, promote them in relevant groups, and invite people to attend. You can also post daily photos and videos from the road to hype things up among your fans. Use everything to your advantage - even the tour transportation! Put some posters on the sides of the bus you are traveling in. 

Calculate pricing and profit 

Music and concerts are great but at the end of the day, it is all about the money. Calculate your expenses in terms of travel, cash spent for food, drinks, and hotels. Any advertising costs should be in the mix as well. Based on that you can determine the entry price for each concert. Don´t forget to have someone selling CDs and merchandise on the spot! T-shirts and all other printed items with the logo of the band will probably be sold out. And this can turn into a good cash flow. 

Organizing and having a tour can turn into the adventure of a lifetime! Especially if the members of the band are great and fun to be around. However, you should plan and prepare. This will ensure that everyone has a good time and you will make a decent profit. If you manage to do so, you will be planning your next tour pretty soon! Good luck! 

The Most Unusual Places To Visit On Your Next Tour Transportation in Chicago

If you’ve been on vacation in Chicago, then you’ve probably seen most of the iconic attractions in the city. From Millennium Park to Lake Michigan and the Navy Pier, those places offer amazing sights and host thousands of tourists each year. However, if you’re tired of the ordinary sightseeing attractions in Chicago and if you prefer to stay away from huge noisy crowds, then you might want to consider visiting some less-known spots in the Windy City.Read more

Tour Transportation In Chicago: The Must-See Attractions

It’s not a secret that Chicago has charmed many people with its amazing culture. The Windy City is well-known for its beautiful architecture, deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hotdogs, jazz music, great museums, Al Capone and the gangster culture, and spectacular sports events amongst other things. Whether you are a foodie, an art lover, or a history geek, you’ll be sure to find some interesting sightseeing attractions while on vacation in this Illinois metropolis. The diverse activity opportunities that the city offers attract tourists from all over the world. As Tour Scanner shares, Chicago welcomes on average 57.6 million tourists per year. And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re also planning to go see the Windy City. Before you make the trip, however, you need to carefully schedule each minute of your time, because you can’t possibly visit all touristy places for a couple of days, but at the same time, you don’t want to miss the key symbols of the city. A great tip to simplify your planning and to make the most of your time is to hire a transportation company, which offers Chicago city tours.

Hire a tour transportation service

While visiting new places might be exciting, the stress from navigating an unknown city could gloom your day. You may find yourself worrying about where to park, which route to take for your next destination, and how to avoid traffic jams. Not to mention that you may spend precious hours driving around the city in search of the next attraction on your list. Wasting time is one of the worst things that could happen when you are on vacation and already have a limited amount of it. Therefore, it’s best to sign up for a tour transportation service if you want to avoid all of those problems. You will not only stay on schedule, but you’ll also ride in comfort. Being able to rest in a comfy vehicle while traveling from one attraction to another is crucial when you have packed your day with activities. Additionally, the friendly chauffeur will probably know all about Chicago’s hidden gems - tiny restaurants with crazy-good food, relaxing parks away from the noisy city center, or even extravagant bars and nightclubs - all you have to do is ask and you will be there in no time. But before you jump to visiting the not-so-popular Chicago spots, you must see the city’s symbolic places.

What not to miss during your Chicago tour

Of course, one of the first iconic spots, that you shouldn’t miss while in Chicago, is Millennium Park and more specifically The Bean (or Cloud Gate as the official name goes). The amazing bean-shaped sculpture is made out of 168 stainless steel plates and weighs more than 100 tons. It was created by a British artist named Anish Kapoor and it’s one of the world’s largest permanent outdoor art installations. Its mirrored surface attracts photographers in search of an interesting shot from all over the country, so don’t forget to snap a selfie while you’re there.

Lake Michigan and the Navy Pier should come next on your list of must-see attractions in Chicago. The former freight dock now hosts some of the best restaurants, bars, and shopping places in the city. You can sip your cocktail while lounging in one of the cafes in the area and enjoying the glistening waters of Lake Michigan, or you can prepare for an adrenaline burst and ride some of the attractions on the pier. It’s all up to you.

Visiting the 360 Chicago viewpoint will be a great way to wrap up your day in the Windy City. The unique attraction offers mesmerizing views of Chicago from the top of the former John Hancock Center. So if you’re eager to discover breathtaking panoramic views of the city from 1000 feet above Chicago’s commercial district Magnificent Mile, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Unfortunately, as with all exciting events in one’s life, your day in Chicago will be over in a flash. In fact, according to, spending just one day in the Windy City simply isn’t enough. You need to be there for at least 4 days on average to see all key attractions and places in Chicago. Although you may not realize you feel tired after your trip, you will probably be exhausted both physically and emotionally because your days will be packed with activities. That is why hiring a shuttle to take you to the airport for your flight back home is a great idea. And what’s better than hopping into a comfortable vehicle to let your feet and mind rest after such an amazing rollercoaster of new experiences?