Key differences between a driver and a chauffeur service - insights from Chicago

Most people have probably used a bus charter service at least once. It might have been a ride from the airport to the hotel or maybe tour transportation with charter buses. That trip would not be possible without the person behind the wheel driving from point A to point B. Essentially those are the professionals representing the face of every transportation company and the ones passengers interact with the most. They can be either regular drivers or professional chauffeurs. And in this article, we will explain why and how this is different. Read more

airport transportation

How to choose airport transportation for your next business trip?

You are flying to Chicago for a business trip? An important part of this is planning and booking your airport transportation. In this article, we are going to help you with this task by providing some useful insight that will come in handy while you are browsing for airport transportation services. Read more

How to organize a successful hybrid event conference in Chicago?

After the pandemic hit us everything related to event planning changed. From corporate transportation to choosing the right venue for your conference. Hybrid events are the most common form of organizing events today. In this article, we are going to give you some important tips and tricks related to the successful planning and preparation for such a conference in Chicago. 

Choose a hotel with a good internet connection

Hybrid events mean live streaming, people that will be watching and expecting a steady and flawless connection. On the other hand, you have people present in the venue that will use the Wi-Fi as well. This means that you need a steady and reliable internet connection. There are several ways to handle this: 

  • separate Wi-Fi network for the visitors; 
  • cable internet that is connected to the computer that handles the live streaming; 
  • prior tests of the connection before the event with as many connected devices as possible. 

Having this is the core thing for the hybrid event. You can’t rely on Wi-Fi alone. If you do so and don’t prepare accordingly, it will be a disaster. 

Organize the transport for your guests 

In a hybrid event, you are still likely to have a lot of people and speakers present on the spot. Some of them will be coming to Chicago, so there is a need to prepare for all of them. Corporate travel is still a common thing and people prefer to do business face to face. If you can’t handle reservations and arrange charter transport for them, you can at least prepare a welcome guide for the city that should include: 

  • Agenda of the event; 
  • Potential hotels you recommend; 
  • Information on the latest Covid-19 updates and measures; 
  • Guidelines on how to get to the venue; 
  • Some information about the tourist sites; 
  • Information on good restaurants and bars. 

This is a nice touch that will make your event stand out and people will appreciate such a gesture.

Help the ones planning corporate travel

A nice thing you can do is help the people that visit to plan accordingly their free time in Chicago and help them with any questions they might have. For example, if they want to go shopping, give them a list of the best stores. If they want to explore local sights, you can even plan a short guided tour for them. If you know the time of the arrival of the different guests, you can even suggest for them to travel together. All of this may seem like an extra effort but it will pay out in the end. 

Make sure to have all the presentations and test the whole event

Before the event ask all of the people that are going to present to give you a copy of their presentations. The day before the event you should get them together online for a test of their connection, camera, microphone and check out if they can hear and see everything. Insists that everyone stick with the time that is provided for them. If they have a 20-minute slot for presenting, there is no way to have a presentation with 50 slides and time for Q&A. 

Get feedback and send the materials after the event

It is very important to have feedback forms sent to all participants after the event is over. In this way, you will know what you did good and what went wrong. This will give you important insights into your conference and how you can do better next time. You should also send to all participants a link with the presentations, a summary of the event, a video, and if it is possible - a list of contacts with the participants. 

Remember, something will likely go wrong. That is okay. Just handle it in the best way possible and continue your conference with a smile. 

How to plan for the last business travels at the end of 2021?

The holidays are almost upon us. However, if you are reading this, you have one more business trip ahead of you. We know that you can’t wait to get home for Christmas to your family and friends. And we are here to help you with some advice on how to plan the last business trip at the end of 2021 in a way that will be enjoyable for you and you will manage to get the work done in a great way. Here we go! 

Agenda of the business travel 

First of all, check the agenda you have ahead of you. If you can influence the agenda and it seems too spread out, try to make some changes and fit everything in one or two days. In most cases, such trips are planned in a way to have some free time and there is some room to move meetings around. Probably everyone will be happy to get home earlier. Discuss such changes with the organizers and try to push them through. You can even try to remove some items from the agenda. It is common for the last day to finish around noon and a formal goodbye dinner to be planned for the evening. If you have an afternoon flight, just skip that thing and go home. 

Christmas shopping

Try to save some time and do the Christmas shopping while you are away on corporate travel. In this way, you can buy some interesting gifts for everyone and get back home like Santa Claus. Usually, you can find Christmas markets with a lot of interesting small stores that sell crafts and souvenirs. While exploring the city, you can combine this with buying presents for your loved ones. A beautiful scarf for the wife? Or maybe a hat for your husband? Let your imagination run wild and dedicate your free time to shopping! 

Hire corporate transportation

One thing you can do to make everything easier for you is just to hire corporate transportation. You will have a driver that can take you and your colleagues around the city. You don’t have to worry about driving in the winter conditions and the busy traffic and where to park. A professional driver will help you save time and be calm about security and safety. And on the other hand - if there is a business lunch, you can have one or two glasses of wine with a clear conscience. And nobody has to be in the role of the designated driver. 

Become a present for the family

This one only works if you are coming home for Christmas or the day before. You will need to have an accomplice in the family. Tell everyone but him/her that you won’t be able to make it in time. The truth is, you will be home. Buy one huge cardboard box and decorate it as a present. Have it with you and once you are on the front door, get inside or have it over you. You can call your “partner in crime” to help you. Then ring the bell and get him/her to take the family to the door. Once everyone is there jump out of the box - it will be the perfect surprise for them! 

Business travel around the holidays is something that nobody likes. It is not good for you, for your family, and in most cases - for the company, but it has to be done. Make the best of it for you - stay in a good hotel, hire corporate transportation to get around, and enjoy nice meals. Just be sure to get back in time for that amazing family Christmas dinner. 

Planning to visit a conference in Chicago? Here is what you need to know!

Attending a conference in Chicago can be quite an adventure. You have to plan everything - from the hotel to corporate transportation and your free time. And it must all be in line with the agenda of the event. In this article, we are going to cover several important things you need to know before taking the plane to the “Windy City”. 

Planning the business travel to Chicago before you take off 

In today’s business world, most people plan while they are on the go. They schedule meetings during their stay at the airport, prepare for their presentations the evening before, and even try to have meetings while someone is giving a presentation. This is not the best way to manage your business trip. We like to make the most out of it. And this is why we plan - booking the hotel, arranging meetings with people that we can close deals, plan time for networking and arrange corporate transportation services in Chicago. Everything from the most complex, to the smallest and most simple detail that can be cleared out ahead is being done. In that way, we can be focused and get the most out of the business trip. 

Be prepared for networking

Networking is probably the most important part of any conference. You can do it during the coffee breaks, lunchtime, on the cocktail after the event, and even in the evening at the bar. To make an impact in that way, you must be prepared. It is a little outdated approach, but still, nothing can replace the business card. Make sure you have enough from them to give around. If the participation list is available, check who will be attending and who are the speakers. 

You can approach them even before the conference and give them a heads up that you would like to meet with them. In that way, you have already made contact and can go straight to business. Another good piece of advice is to update your LinkedIn profile. A lot of people use that as a backup for business cards. Once they meet, they exchange connections in the social network. 

 And remember - be presentable and look sharp! 

Choose the most relevant topics from the agenda to listen to

When you visit a conference that is several days long, there are some panels on the agenda that are not relevant to you. Plan and look for the ones that have real added value for you. In some cases, there are event panels that are being held at the same time and are overlapping. Consider if it wouldn’t be more beneficial to you to organize a meeting with a potential client or another attendee of the conference. Plan your schedule in the best way for you. 

Leave some time for exploration of Chicago 

Arrange your trip in a way that will leave you some time to explore the beautiful city of Chicago. Despite the time you have and your location, there are a lot of fascinating things you can visit and activities to explore. Keep that in mind when you are buying the plane tickets and picking the time for your flight. We suggest that you spend at least one day exploring the city. Most people plan in a way that lets them stay the weekend. In that way, they are not worried about work and have some time to enjoy themselves. 

Be prepared to have at least one wild night 

There is a party after any decent conference. It starts during dinner, then continues with cocktails and finishes at some bar or disco. When the work is over, the participants have a good time drinking and dancing. You can add this to your possibilities for networking or just party up. However, it is good to be prepared that you are going to have at least one night when you are going to go to bed early. And maybe not very sober. Of course, it all depends on your preferences. Most people like to rest and be fresh for their trip. For the ones that stay, it usually is a night to remember. 

As you see, visiting a conference in Chicago can be less stressful to prepare for and a lot more enjoyable if you take some to prepare and plan. You can achieve a lot of good results in a professional manner and then manage to relax and have a good time once the job is done. 

5 things you should consider before your next business trip

So, you are off on a business trip? Congratulations! Before you go and rock the clients or partners with your company presentation, be sure to plan. Post-Covid-19 times have made planning for corporate travel more complicated. In this article, we are going to go over five essential things you should consider before going on your next business trip.

Top 5 things you should consider when planning for your business travel

Planning for a business trip seems kind of easy, but it only looks that way. There are a lot of things to consider, especially when you travel with more people from the office. Your colleagues and managers can be picky and demanding. If you are in charge of organizing the trip, they will blame you if something goes wrong. Let’s check out the things you need to consider when you make your travel arrangements. 

The current Covid-19 regulations

As we all know, Covid-19 regulations tend to change over time. It is important when you plan a corporate travel trip, to be familiar with the latest requirements for both vaccinated and not vaccinated travelers. It is a good idea to print them out and have a copy for all the people in the group. Also, send the digital version of the file to their e-mails and in a group chat. In that way, they will have quick and easy access to it if there is a need for that. Be sure to check what is the situation if someone needs to be put under quarantine and be sure to inform their families if such a scenario occurs. 

Pick a hotel close to the venue

In the perfect situation, the venue of the meeting or the conference will be in the same hotel where you booked the rooms. However, most times this is not the case. Your colleagues and managers might have some preferences regarding how luxurious the hotel is, but the most important thing is to be close to the venue. Once you book the rooms, it is great to have all the information about the hotel in one place and send it to the people that are traveling. Add one page of interesting local sites that are nearby and are worth checking. Those can include museums, shopping malls, restaurants, bars/pubs, and more. The cherry on top (if you don’t have organized transportation) is to list how to get from the hotel to the venue and back.

Plan your schedule ahead

When you are on a business trip you still want to have a good time. To do that, you must have a strict schedule in place of what to do in your free time. Lock the hours of the meetings and networking and list some things you want to do. Maybe visit a local museum or some famous place for food and drinks? Or watch a game at the stadium of the local team? The choices are limitless. You can do some research online to see what interesting things you can see and try out. After you are done with your schedule, share it with your colleagues. However, if applicable to the party you’re with, give them a warning that this is not negotiable and they must follow your lead. Otherwise, you are going to be in trouble and follow the demands of everyone. 

Arrange transportation

It doesn’t matter if you need a professional transportation service to take you from the airport or one that will be booked for your entire trip. Let’s face it - in some cases, it is not reasonable to book a flight and in today's world with all the regulations and measures in airports but sometimes you have to - in these cases, you should always count on professional transportation services. 

If you book a professional transportation company for your trip, you are guaranteed to worry less about things like where to park, what is the best route to get there, and most of all - you don’t have to argue who will be driving. A professional driver comes with another reassurance - safe and secure service based on years of experience on the road.

Pick proper dress code when you pack

Make sure the clothes you pack are going to be in line with the agenda of the business trip. Choose your outfits not only based on the weather but also on your activities. If there is a formal dinner you want to have a dinner jacket or a dress and official shoes. If the meetings are not going to be so formal, pack more lightly. Can you wear shorts or do you have to be all business with a suit and tie? Know the answers to such questions before you start packing. 

It is a good idea to ask some of the colleagues that you are close with how they will pack. There might be some useful ideas there. 

Time to go!

Depending on your level of preparation any business trip can be great but if you do your homework, you can always make sure that it is not a total disaster. It is important to plan the important aspects of these travels. And if you need a professional and trusted partner for your corporate travels, feel free to give us a call!

Chicago Convention Transportation: Never Miss Important Events Again

We all know that business travel can be stressful, especially when you’re the one that’s responsible for organizing it. We also know that attending conventions with your employees and showcasing your work and expertise can be extremely beneficial not only for your business growth but also for the personal and professional development of your team members. Conventions are great because they are proven to help businesses address key industry issues and find solutions to problems through discussions and know-how exchange. Additionally, getting the chance to interact with other professionals can help you engage with your industry’s community, which could be very beneficial, especially if you’re operating a new company. Not to mention that such events allow you to get precious insider tips and tricks from established experts in your field. As shares, the main priority of 82% of people who attend corporate events is networking. 72% of attendees said they would like to learn something new (the second-highest priority). And, according to attendees, the third and fourth most important aspects of conventions are entertainment (38%) and self-improvement (37%). Furthermore, 96% of small business owners say in-person meetings yield a return on investment, and 93% of senior-level business managers believe face-to-face meetings improve their ability to close deals, as reported by Therefore, we strongly advise you to take part in conventions and corporate events. However, maintaining your professional focus might not be the easiest task when you have a thousand organizational worries on your mind. That is why it’s best to know some tips for planning a corporate trip for you and your employees. From arranging convention transportation to booking the most suitable accommodation, we’ve got it all explained in this article.

Chicago convention transportation service

Arguably one of the first things you should consider when planning a corporate journey is how you and your employees are going to get to the venue. You have several transport options. You can either take a plane, use public transport, get there via train or consider corporate transport rental. The choice is up to you, however, you should carefully examine the pros and cons of each option before you settle on one of them. If your business operates in a different state, your most convenient option will be to get there by plane. Keep in mind that in this case, you will need a bigger budget. Additionally, you will have to be 100% sure that everyone who signs up for the trip will be attending because getting a refund for a plane ticket can be difficult, especially if you’re the one to blame for the missed flight. If you decide to use this transportation method, however, make sure to come up with a meeting spot and arrange an airport transportation service for your whole team, so that you make sure everyone has their tickets and makes it to the flight.

Deciding to use public transport or train can also be a good choice and you may be able to save up some of your budget for the event, but this option is best if most of your employees live in Chicago or its outskirts. That being said, chances are not everyone attending the convention will be on the same bus or train. This means that your team will split up even before your employees get to the venue, which kills the purpose of getting there together as representatives of your company. It can also make you look unprofessional and unorganized in the eyes of your colleagues and competitors, which is never good.

The option which offers probably the best value for money is hiring a transportation company to take you to the convention. Charter buses are often comfortable and spacious enough for your whole team. A huge advantage to renting a vehicle is the fact that you have the freedom to decide the schedule. You can talk to your designated chauffeur and settle on pick-up/drop-off times and locations. Not to mention that your whole team will be traveling together, which means that you’ll have some time to discuss important presentations you don’t want to miss or strategic acquaintances and partnerships you can make during the convention.

Key tips for organizing a convention event

Aside from arranging the transportation to and from the convention, you will also have to think about booking appropriate accommodation for you and your employees. Choose a business hotel that either has a restaurant or is near a supermarket and food shops. Furthermore, it’s a great idea to check the conference’s website and see if there is a posted schedule with all of the topics and presentations for the day. Pick the sessions you absolutely want to attend and print any needed materials ahead of time. Make sure that you prepare for any important meetings during the convention and get plenty of rest the day before.

Other key points to consider include:

  • Pack all essentials that you’ll need for the convention such as business cards, merchandise, or other branded materials.
  • Make sure you know what the weather is going to be like, so you can dress appropriately.
  • It might be a good idea to note any important addresses on your phone ahead of time for easier access.
  • If you’re traveling outside of the country it’s essential to find a secure spot for keeping your passport and other important documents safe.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to leave some extra time for fun activities and bonding with your team. If you’re not from Chicago you can arrange a tour of the city’s most iconic attractions and places. Furthermore, you can always combine your convention event with a follow-up team-building. This will not only further boost the motivation and creativity of your team, but can also help you reconnect with your co-workers and reflect on the questions discussed during the convention in a more relaxed manner.

Planning a Successful Post-COVID-19 Team-building Weekend in Chicago: From Corporate Transportation To Fun Activities

It’s finally that time of the year when the sun shines a little brighter and the birds sing a little louder. Summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect season for planning team-building events in the open air. Getting together with co-workers and indulging in fun activities alongside them can be very beneficial not only for the workflow in your organization but also for employees’ mental health. It can boost the motivation and creativity of your team, it can improve communication and it can help you re-connect with your work-buddies. All of those factors are extremely important, especially now during the “home office era”. The good news is that Chicago is gradually resuming its normal rhythm after the COVID-19 crisis. The city is now in phase V of its reopening plan, which means that more business and capacity restrictions are lifted while still ensuring the safety of citizens with appropriate safeguards. If you’ve been wanting to organize a team-building event in Chicago, then you’ve come to the right place. This article covers everything you need to think about - from corporate travel to choosing the most appropriate group activities for your team.


The accommodation is one of the first things that you need to consider when planning a group activity for your co-workers. Conducting research and choosing the ideal hotel for the purpose is crucial. Tripadvisor can turn out to be very useful for choosing the best business hotel for your event. You will need to speak to your teammates and write down the exact number of people who want to join in on the fun. Make sure to choose a place, which has enough room for everyone. Don’t forget to consider any COVID-19 restrictions which may be in place. Additionally, if you’re not planning on booking an all-inclusive hotel, you must pick accommodation that is near to food stores or restaurants.

Business Travel

Transportation is of main importance when it comes to team-building events. Of course, you could always rely on public transport, however, for extra comfort and safety measures, it’s best if you rent а vehicle for the weekend. Conduct a quick online search to find out which are the best corporate transportation services in Chicago. A great benefit, which you’ll enjoy when signing up for corporate travel is the fact that the company will make sure you always get to your destination on time. Additionally, because you’ll have a dedicated chauffeur, you can always count on him/her if you need more information about a certain attraction or if something doesn’t go according to plan and you need to change directions. Keep in mind that team-building events should be relaxing and enjoyable. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rent a vehicle that comes with extras such as ACs, DVD players, flat-screen monitors, and most importantly luggage compartments.

Stick to the plan

Whether your company just hit an important milestone and you want to celebrate it with a weekend of joy, or you’ve recently hired a couple of new employees and want to help them integrate faster, you need to come up with activities, appropriate for the occasion. Keep in mind that according to, if 60% of your employees believe that their opinion matters, your organization could see a 27% reduction in turnover, a 40% reduction in safety incidents, and a 12% increase in productivity. That is why it’s a good idea to create a list of suitable activities and talk to your teammates to see if they like your ideas. Furthermore, they can also give you recommendations about other exciting adventures around the city. Planning your schedule ahead of time is essential when it comes to corporate team-buildings in Chicago simply because the city is rich in attractions and sights which can mesmerize you. The last thing you want is to return home disappointed due to missing out on an important monument or an exceptionally interesting museum. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget that the heavy traffic in the city may slow you down a notch. So keep delays in mind and leave at least an hour between different events.

Once you've carefully planned the team-building weekend in Chicago and secured your accommodation and transportation, you're ready to enjoy awesome moments with your colleagues. It’s worth noting that more often than not, team-building events are rare occasions. So, although they inspire positivity, creativity, and improved communication, people often forget the valuable lessons by the time the next event rolls around. That is why it’s a good idea to plan regular get-togethers with colleagues. A happy team taking selfies during lunch breaks means you're definitely doing something right.