Your wedding is one of the most special and beautiful days of your life.  On this special day, planning and attention to detail are critical to a successful wedding. Wedding transportation is an important part of your wedding. 

One excellent way to make your wedding day special and unique is to hire a bus charter company to take care of the transportation for you and your guests. Let the wedding celebration begin on the bus itself while going to your wedding venue and possibly for a photo shoot along the way. This idea helps keep your itinerary on time, and many couples choose it because it is convenient for their guests and themselves. However, if you consider this, we have some suggestions and introductory remarks that will be your guide in hiring bus rental for wedding transportation. 

Create a wedding day timeline 

Book your wedding transportation early.  Booking three to six months out to the wedding date is the best time to start looking for transportation. This normally happens after you’ve planned your guest list and decided on reception, and wedding venues. Although you may not have every detail of your wedding planned yet, you should be able to map out a possible timeline. This will make it easy for you to figure out your transportation needs, and you’ll be able to communicate your needs to the bus charter company and establish clear itineraries for transportation. Be sure not to cut time on the itineraries to close. Leave room for heavy traffic, late guests, etc. planning is essential. 

Keep your wedding party in mind

There may be many people being transported on a bus charter to the wedding, and you’ve got to keep that in mind! Ensure your charter transportation can accommodate the entire wedding party, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and your immediate family. You don’t want everyone crammed in together with veils, bouquets, bow ties, etc., so make sure you choose your wedding vehicles with that in mind.

Drinking and riding on charter buses 

Your wedding is time to celebrate. On the charter to the wedding, etc., some of the guests will want to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and give a toast. If you have a bus rental for a wedding, there are special laws regarding drinking on charter buses. For some cities such as Chicago, licensed security guards are required for chartered vehicles operating within the city limits over 15 passengers capacity with alcohol consumption on board, or in some cases, there is a stop in between the start of the route and the final destination, such as a photo location for the wedding party before arriving at the venue. Usually, the bus charter company can give you more information about the possible options for hiring licensed security for an additional fee. Be sure to budget for this.

Arranging the guest seats is essential

We are sure you have done much planning on seating at the wedding and about who guests will be seated with at the venue for the wedding reception. Why not make the same thing on your bus charter? If you rent charter buses, all of your guests may not fit into one vehicle. You can make it an exciting trip – One bus charter for the groom’s guests and another for the bride’s guests for example. If the ride takes some time, you can plan some fun games for the duration of the trip. Just make sure that you consult all this with the company you hire for the wedding transportation in advance to organize the details. 

Plan part of the photoshoot during the trip 

It will be great to have the photographer on one of the charter buses you hired for the wedding transportation to stop and special locations to take some photos.  This photo stops helps create memories that last a lifetime.  Possibly have some games or party surprises included en route to the photoshoot. This part of the wedding will make your wedding even more special by creating those memories on camera and then looking back at them with a smile. Another option is to tell the guests to take many photos that you can check out later together. In any case – be sure to make those memories count. 

You can have the same transportation for the bachelor party!

If you are going to hire a bus rental for wedding transportation, why not do the same for the bachelor party? You can ask the bus charter company if such an option is available and go for it. The safety of guests is the top priority with parties like bachelor parties.  It is a great idea to hire special events transportation and go around bars and clubs. Having a great bachelor party is a must, but don’t organize it the night before the wedding because it will most likely go sideways. Planning and organization are key, even with the bachelor party.  If you don’t believe us, check out some romantic comedies that address that question. 

Ask if you can decorate the charter buses/bus you hire

The decoration is an important detail of all weddings and is something you might discuss with the bus charter company. It would be amazing to have the option to decorate the inside of the vehicle/s that you will hire for the wedding transportation. It doesn’t have to be big or flashy – just a nice touch to get people feeling festive during the trip to the venue for the wedding party. 

Your wedding is a big day! Proper planning and attention to detail and timing are key to having a fantastic and successful wedding. There is no doubt about that. For most people, the wedding is the best day in their lives. If you want to hire trusted professionals for your wedding transportation, just give us a call. It will be a pleasure for us to contribute our expertise to a wedding you will never forget! It would be our pleasure to assist you.