So, you are planning a wedding in Chicago? That is just amazing! The city is one of the best places in America where couples can get married. All right, we live here and we are going to cheer for it, but we can give you some great advice on wedding planning. Just follow our lead and you will be fine with the organization and will have less stress and more enjoyment in the whole process. 

Be prepared for any type of weather

Chicago is the perfect place for outdoor weddings. However, we advise you to check the weather forecast and rent out a venue where you can be outside, but there is an option to move inside as well. Do that just in case if it is too windy or it starts to rain. This will limit your options for the venue but it will give you a great backup plan if the weather is bad. And if the wedding starts in the afternoon and continues in the evening, you can start outside and have dinner indoors. 

Transportation for your guests

One of the most important things you should consider. You should hire a reliable company that offers wedding transportation in Chicago. This is a good choice because you don’t have to worry about how the guests will arrive if they are going to be on time if they will find the wedding venue, etc. This will take a lot of your organizing plate and leave more time for you to be focused on more essential things related to the ceremony and the party afterward. And you can also consider special wedding transportation for the bride and the groom.

Make a checklist with everything 

You will be surprised that most organizers don’t have a master plan. We advise you to make one huge checklist with everything related to the wedding – invitations, meals, venue, guests, flowers, music. Put everything you can think of in there. Then add deadlines to each activity and follow them strictly. Having everything in one place will help you be more organized and centered when you have to check something or react quickly to any changes. It will also be easier to calculate the total budget and see if you are okay with the financial side of organizing the whole thing. 

Ask if someone wants to surprise the bride and the groom 

One of the worst things we have seen happen at weeding is when the organizer has everything planned to the split of a second and someone decides to announce a surprise for the bride and the groom. Then all the clever organization and planning goes to hell. This is why we advise you to ask in advance if someone from the guests plans something special. It can be a speech, a dance, a funny game, a present, or some funky family tradition. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure you know about it and put it in your plans. 

Plan the photoshoot

This is a common mistake. When making plans for weddings, people often don’t leave enough time for the special photoshoot of the bride and the groom. Talk with them and with the photographer about how much time they will need if they want to take shots in some specific places and make it work with the other activities you have in your schedule. This is something special so it should come as a priority. When you make the huge list we mentioned earlier, write this down on the top of it. 

Organizing a wedding in Chicago is amazing. Sure, it can be stressful but it is worth it! You are going to enjoy a great time. And who knows – you might be the next in line to go down the aisle and say “Yes!”.