Your best friend is getting married, and you are going to organize a bachelor party for him? Congratulations! You are located, and Chicago and as you know here we make things special. In this article, we are going to cover some essential tips that will come in handy when you start preparing that special evening. The steps may seem quite classic. Nevertheless, there are some additional things that you have to consider, when getting ready for an event, as special as, a bachelor party. 

Don’t do it the night before the wedding 

Sure, you are not going to pull something like in the “Hangover” movies but for a number of reasons, it is better not to organize the bachelor party the night before the wedding. Good timing can be the weekend before, or even earlier. Remember that we still live in Covid-19 times and if the groom gets infected that can blow off the whole wedding if there is not enough time for recovery. 

Consult with the other people attending what is the best time to organize it. However, don’t give too many options – a date two or three weeks before the wedding day is good enough. They are relatively close to the date, but not too far way in time either. 

Hire special events transportation in Chicago

A special event requires special events transportation. And in Chicago, there are suitable services in that area. First of all, you need to know how many people you are going to be. A limo is a classic choice if you are going to a party around town. Just make sure to book special events transportation in Chicago early enough. Once you have the date get in touch with the company and make the arrangements. You can even ask them to suggest some ideas based on their experience. 

Comply with the wishes of the groom 

When you plan, remember that this party is for the groom. Not for you, not for the guests – for your best friend that will soon be married. This will be a night to remember in his life. A lot of people make the mistake to go with something that sounds cool but wouldn’t be liked by the person they are organizing the party for. Clear out the essentials with them in advance related to: 

  • How wild do they want the party to be? 
  • Are you going to do things that require hiring bachelor party transport in Chicago?
  • Is there someone that they don’t want to invite but will be at the wedding? 

These types of details are important and you can discuss them in such a way that won’t ruin the surprise.

Make sure you have a backup plan 

It doesn’t matter how perfect your plan is – sometimes things can go wrong. Make some sort of backup plan just in case. It doesn’t need to be something complex. If things go wrong, just have an agreement with the others on what to do. You might go to a bar and just party there, or do something that the groom loves – like bowling and beers. It doesn’t have to be wild to be fun and good. 

Part of the backup plan is also having some spare cash as a reserve in case something happens – you can lose your wallet or money and you want to be sure that you can get home (or at least to an ATM). Roll up 100 dollars in your socks for emergency matters. 

Start preparing early enough 

The biggest mistake you can make with the bachelor party is to start organizing it at the last minute. This is the most essential advice – agree on the date early and use all the time you have for planning and preparation. In that way, you won’t be under so much pressure and stress. Even if something changes you will have time to react and adapt to it. Besides, you will have more time for brainstorming to come up with ideas for the best bachelor party in the history of Chicago.