Planning a special birthday gift is hard. However, we are here to pitch you with one perfect idea – hire a black limo and buy concert tickets for the event your partner, relative, or best friend wants to see! In this blog article, we will help you with everything – from finding the perfect black car company for hire to how to pick the best hotel for the trip. 

Get the tickets before you hire the black limo

First things first! As step one, you should buy the concerts tickets. Check out what concerts the band or singer you are going to see is having planned until the end of the year. If you get lucky, there will be a concert in Chicago and you can redirect some of the budgets from hotel reservations to better seats for the concert. Check if there is an option to do something special if someone has a birthday. Maybe you will get lucky and the band can congratulate the birthday boy or girl on the stage!

Pick the proper black car service

Okay, it is settled. You are getting a black limo for that event. However, how to pick from all of the companies that offer a black car for hire? First of all, you need to check what are the options within your budget. After that, make sure to check: 

  • all the reviews available; 
  • if the company does special surprise events; 
  • if the black limo available for hire is a new model; 
  • the safety ratings of the company that offers black cars for hire. 

Once all of this is done, you can feel confident in making the right choice for your surprise.

Have a perfectly timed plan

When it comes to such surprises timing is everything. Make sure that everything is set in the right way. If the concert is during the workweek, you want to leave enough time for preparations after work. For example, you can say that you want to take your wife on a special romantic dinner. In that way, you and she will dress up and there will be no suspicions from her. After you are ready, you can call the black limo chauffeur to wait for you. And in this way, the surprise will begin. Remember to leave at least 30 minutes buffer time in case something goes wrong. Sometimes the traffic conditions are not in your favor. Don’t risk it. 

Bring comfortable shoes for both of you

Okay, the black car, the concert, we assume you will dress up for the occasion. However, the evening will be long and the official shoes and high-heels will make your feet hurt. Have a comfortable pair of sneakers for both of you. Especially if you are going to a concert where there is the option to dance and jump around. 

Make sure nothing can ruin the surprise

Okay, the surprise will be perfect if it is not spoiled. Be careful who you share your plans with. It is good to have an accomplice, however, don’t choose someone that will go on talking about what you are going to do. Make sure that there is no option for the plans for the evening to be disrupted by work or something else. 

Whatever you choose to see, we wish you to have the best experience ever! The combination of hiring a black limo and concert tickets is a guaranteed success!