A trip to remember – how to plan the concert visit of your dreams

So, you are about to go and see the concert of your dreams with your friends? And you volunteered to organize the whole trip? Amazing! We are going to help you win this process with our mini-guide for the perfect concert experience. We will mention several tips and important things you have to consider – from booking the tickets to concert transportation and getting back home. If you check them all of, you are going to have a great trip for sure. 

Clearing out the number of people

The first and most important step is to confirm exactly how many people are going to travel with you. A lot of them are enthusiastic at first, saying that they want to come. And when you have to get the tickets, book a hotel, or arrange the concert transportation they will back off. The best thing to do is to tell everyone that if they want to come, they have to give you the money for tickets in advance. In that way, the chance of them not coming is decreasing a lot. 

The total count of the people can be done once you buy the tickets. Arrange everything else after that. 

Getting the tickets

You can’t get to a concert if you don’t have the tickets. Once the people coming have confirmed, clear out what seats you want (if such are available) and at what price range. It is best to pre-order or buy tickets the moment they come out. Chances are that later they will be more expensive and hard to get. And the best seats will be already taken. Don’t wait too long to get your hands on the important pieces of paper. Once you bought them, don’t hand them out to everyone. Keep them in one place and give them just before you are about to enter the concert. If you give each person his ticket in advance, there is a good chance that someone will lose it. 

Once you know the number of people coming, you can look for mini-bus rentals. 

Hiring concert transportation services 

To be fair, it is not a great option to have someone drive you with their car. You are going to party, have fun and be tired after that. Do you want to put someone in that position? Just hire a professional company and split the service. You won’t have to worry about being late, where to park or drive safely – there is someone there who takes care of all that. And besides – it is not fun to leave your car in a concert area. Sometimes things tend to get messy.

Handing out responsibilities 

Delegate some of the responsibilities to people that can handle them. For example, you can have someone help you with arranging hotel bookings or searching for a proper company for the transportation services. If you do all of the things yourself, you will probably be overwhelmed and won’t enjoy the whole experience. Get 1-2 people to help you and share the burden of organizing the whole trip. 

Have a meeting point after the еvent 

As you know concerts are events that bring together a lot of people. You will probably get separated from the people you are with – one will go to the toilet, another one will get a beer, a third will start dancing with a random hot stranger. These things happen. And there is no point in trying to call them. The best way to handle things is to have a meeting point after the concert at a specific time – one or two hours after the event. In that way, if someone doesn’t make it, you can start calling them personally to see what happened. 

Visiting a concert with your friends can be a lifetime experience if you do it right. Be strict in organizing the trip and plan if you want everything to go smoothly. The more strict way of doing things will motivate only serious and responsible people to agree to join you. And that is a good thing.