If you are a good friend you are going to show up to the party of your best friend with awesome presents. If you are truly best friends, you should organize a surprise party for them at least once in their lives. Get some special events transportation, cruise around the clubs. Or maybe have a garden party in vintage style? The choice is yours. We are going to provide you with some awesome surprise birthday party ideas that you can organize. 

What to consider before the party

Before we start laying down ideas, we have to mark several important aspects. When throwing a surprise party for someone you have to: 

  • have a guest list with the people they want to invite; 
  • have a great idea about the presents; 
  • know that the whole party will be organized in a way that the person will like. 

If you are planning to order food or have a catering service, just remember to check the food preferences of the guests and if they have some food allergies. This is a common mistake that people do while planning. 

Option one: Special events transportation and going around bars and clubs

Here is our first idea for a great VIP experience. Get a limo and go around Chicago in style. Visit your favorite bars and clubs and have a great time. You can open a bottle of champagne in the limo, have the chauffeur play your favorite music. This is something that famous and rich people do all the time. Why not provide such an experience for the birthday party of your best friend? 

Option two: Kidnap them and surprise them with an awesome day to their liking

This one is a little hard to pull off if they live alone. However, if they have roommates or family, you can ask them to help you out. The “kidnapping” part is nothing major – just show up at their home in the morning and tell them to come with you. You can put a blindfold on them but it is not needed. 

Then give them an awesome day to their liking. This might be a game of golf, horse riding, or playing arcade games all day. The options are really limitless and are all up to your imagination and what your best friends like. 

Option three: Garden party in vintage style

Now this will only work if the birthday of your best friend is in late spring or in the summer. Research what type of venue you can rent for such a garden party. It can be an afternoon cocktail in vintage style with an open bar and light music. This is perfect if you don’t want to have a party with loud music and dancing. This type of gathering is more suitable for doing some catching up and fun games. Of course, you can host something like this in the afternoon and continue with a party in the evening. 

Option four: Birthday party on a boat

There is always the option to rent a small yacht and have a party there. This is an awesome experience. Just be careful! Someone might get drunk and decide to go for a swim. Such a thing will ruin the whole party. It is a good idea to book a DJ for the day and have some transportation for all of the guests to the port. 

Option five: Rooftop party with a DJ

This option is available for nice weather as well. Imagine a rooftop party with a DJ, some cool lights, and an open bar. It is almost the same as some of the previous ideas on our list. However, the rooftop location is what brings added value to this idea. Finding a good spot for such a party can be challenging but it will pay out in the end. Look for a place with an amazing view. That is what makes the magic happen. 

Those are our five ideas for а great birthday party that you can organize for your best friends. We hope you are going to have a great time!