If you’ve been on vacation in Chicago, then you’ve probably seen most of the iconic attractions in the city. From Millennium Park to Lake Michigan and the Navy Pier, those places offer amazing sights and host thousands of tourists each year. However, if you’re tired of the ordinary sightseeing attractions in Chicago and if you prefer to stay away from huge noisy crowds, then you might want to consider visiting some less-known spots in the Windy City.

Discover Chicago with our list of the most unusual, interesting places and activities around the lovely Illinois megapolis. Whether you want to feel like a true local, or you want to look at the city from a different perspective, those unpopular attractions will mesmerize you. The hidden gems in this article will ensure that you have lots of fun during your next Chicago trip.

The checklist: Attractions for a unique Chicago tour

●      Busy Beaver Button Museum

We’re kickstarting our list with probably 90’s kids’ most favorite spot in the Windy City, namely, the Busy Beaver Button Museum. It was created by Joel and Christen Carter – two siblings who make and collect buttons of all shapes and sizes. They share that their main drive for showcasing their collection was to illustrate how people commemorated noteworthy times in their lives by creating and collecting wearable mementos. There are thousands of buttons displayed at the museum, with some of them having been made way back in 1896. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to browse through them at 3407 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647.

●      Chicago Full Moon Jam

If you happen to be in Chicago during a full moon, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Full Moon Jam that takes place in the city. What started as a fire-spinning and drumming birthday celebration turned into a time-honored tradition, bringing together a diverse community of performers, musicians, and spectators from all over the world. The Jams are not-for-profit, free-to-attend performances hosted monthly between sunset and 10 pm by volunteers. They are family-friendly, so you could safely join in the fun together with your children.

●      Turtle Racing at Big Joe’s

Another great activity that you could participate in while in Chicago is the Turtle Racing at Big Joe’s. That’s right, it’s a race with turtles. The races are held every Friday at 9 pm at the cozy bar on 1818 W Foster Ave, Chicagо. Here’s how it all works: you need to be at the venue a bit earlier so that you can collect participation tickets (each pint, pitcher, and shot grants a ticket). When the time comes Big Joe’s staff will draw 6 tickets – one for each of the competitors/turtle masters. Then all participants will be assigned a turtle (each with an amazing name!) – Chucks, Lola, Doozy, Swisher, Jolanda, or Lucky Dan. And then the real fun begins – there are 6 races and each of them lasts for up to five minutes (that is the time limit for your little friend to crawl out of the 8ft-wide white ring). If your turtle wins, you get a free Big Joe’s t-shirt and a guaranteed entry into another turtle race that may grant you a trip to Las Vegas. Needless to say, the turtle race is super-duper cool, and fun, so don’t miss out on it!

●      The Shit Fountain

We all know how important it is for dog owners to be mindful of where their pets do the number 2 and this controversial fountain in Chicago humorously reminds them to pick it up once the job is done. The Shit Fountain is a favorite place for Chicagoans who are often seen taking selfies with it. Why not follow in their footsteps and take a ridiculous picture of you next to the extraordinary piece of art? The fountain represents a giant poop put on a 3-foot standalone pedestal. To make things even more grandiose, the metal sculpture slowly dribbles water into the fountain’s shallow basin. The Polish-American artist Jerzy S. Kenar is the creator of this masterpiece, which is positioned inside the premises of Kenar’s private property. C’mon, you know it’s fun when it’s as silly as that. So grab a selfie stick and head to 1001 North Wolcott Avenue.

●      No Pants Subway Ride

If you’re feeling particularly confident, you’ll love this activity. The No Pants Subway Ride is exactly what it sounds like: once a year (usually in January) brave subway riders take off their pants and get on a train enjoying the curious looks of their fellow travelers. The main purpose of the annual event is to promote silliness and spontaneity in everyday life. It usually takes place on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line, from the Loyola Station to the Loop.

Now that you know about the craziest, unique places in the Windy City all that’s left to do is book your tour transportation in Chicago and simply enjoy the fun. Bus Connection wishes you a happy holiday.