Some tips for amazing performance of sports teams in 2022

Coaching a sports team is not something anybody can do. If you are in such a role you know that the start of the new year is a great time to build up the mentality of your squad for winning. When it comes to amazing performance every detail matters - from the sports team transportation to what they eat at home. In this article, we are going over some proven tips that will help your team have amazing performance in 2022.  

Be sure to have trusted partners

You want to focus on team preparation, right? That means that you need to find trusted partners for everything else related to the team. You need to browse the team transport options in Chicago, find places to order the sports equipment, and many more. The good news is once this is done, you don’t have to worry anymore and just stick to the training. There are three main things to look for in a trusted partner company:

  • If they offer you prices within your budget; 
  • If they offer quality product/service for the team;
  • If they are good and honest people that respect deadlines. 

Once all of the above are covered you can work with them and be sure that the team will benefit from that. 

Get together with the players outside of the pitch

Okay, this is not one of those movies where the coach is holding a big speech or doing some crazy method to get the players to respect them. Just get your team together once in a while. In the summer you can visit a pool or have a barbeque in the open. Celebrate the wins and talk after the losses. It is not rocket science. The players will like being around each other and it can help them become friends. Sure, not everybody can be available all the time, but it is nice for a chance to do something as a team off the pitch as well. Try with group activity once a month. Bowling is a good start that everyone will love. 

Host meetings with the fans

Once in a while host a meeting with the players, staff members, and fans. Just lay some ground rules before the event that you share with the fan club like: 

  • Everyone maintains good behavior; 
  • You will hear each other out; 
  • There will be time for photos with the team after the event. 

This can work great for both the fans and the players alike. This is a sign of respect for the people that come to cheer at your games. On the other hand, the players will be motivated by the presence of fans and the support they receive from them. 

Consider having a winning ritual

Sure, you are not going to win every time. However, when you do be sure to celebrate properly. A lot of teams have some sort of tradition that they do after a win. They get together for pizza, have a party, or something else. It is good for the morale of the team. You can discuss this with your staff and the players or check out what other teams are doing. Any good ideas are welcome. For example, some teams open up an expensive bottle of wine when they beat in some game where they were falling behind. 

Always be honest with each other

You need to establish a culture of open and honest communication between the staff members and the players. Each person from the team should be able to come to you and share their questions or something that is bothering them. This helps a lot when the team is not performing great. You can sit down and discuss a way out of the bad situation together. 

Every sports team has ups and downs during the year. During the first ones, everything is sunshine and rainbows. However, real winners show their spirit during the hard times. Follow our advice and you will have a team of winners. On the field and out of it. 

What to have in mind when planning your special event in 2022?

You are planning a wedding or another special event in 2022? While congratulations are in order, we are familiar with all the stress that goes along with the organization of everything. You have to take care of million things and be very patient with the demands of your guests. In this article, we are going to give you some rock-solid tips on event planning that are universal for any type of special event. 

Remember that Covid-19 is still around

Covid-19 is something you must consider for every part of your planning. It doesn’t matter if it is related to wedding transportation in Chicago or hiring a choir to sing at your special event. You don’t need to be a genius to notice that in the colder months the number of cases is rising, while in the spring and summer it goes down. It is better to plan your special event when the weather is warm. This not only means less chance of strict measures regarding Covid-19 but also the possibility to host your wedding party or special event outdoors. 

Hotel and transportation for your guests

Even if you are not paying the bill for the transport and accommodation, you have to provide your guests with some options. Consult with them what do they prefer: 

  • Maybe a hotel close to the venue? 
  • A place to stay that will allow them to go sightseeing? 
  • Or perhaps a hotel close to the airport? 

You need to clear these things out and know what places to recommend. Also, hiring or giving information about charter transportation from the airport is something that will make their stay better. Double-check if some of your guests are arriving with babies or pets. In this case, there will be extra requirements for the hotel they will stay in. 

Book a venue in time

Once the date for the special event is set and you know the number of guests be sure to book the venue you want. If you don’t act quickly the best ones won’t be available to you. There are a lot of weddings and special events in Chicago every year. And everybody wants to book the best places. Don’t get left behind just because you didn’t plan ahead. Here are some essentials to consider: 

  • Is the specific venue within your budget? 
  • Is there an option to go inside if it rains? 
  • Is there going to be enough room for dancing? 

Most people forget to check the answers to the question above and then regret their decision about booking a certain venue. Don’t be one of them. 

Have some fun games 

Sometimes it is hard to get the party started. There is one secret for putting everybody in the mood - get the girls dancing! Then each of them will invite her husband or boyfriend to the dance floor. And once there are 5-10 couples dancing, others will follow. If this scenario doesn’t play out don’t get disappointed. Just include some fun games that will get people moving. Here are some classic ideas: 

  • Dance-off battle; 
  • Dollar dash (works for weddings only); 
  • Generation dance. 

There are a lot of amazing ideas. Just remember to read the room. If people are in the middle of the main course and you announce a dance-off battle you will likely be left alone to play it. 

Introduce the guests to each other before the special event

It doesn’t matter if it is a wedding or another type of special event that you have in mind. The party will be better if people know each other. While in most cases all guests can't be friends you can at least try to introduce them before the event. Have some cocktail with an open bar and chat with everybody for 1-2 hours before the evening starts. It would be perfect if you can invite some of your guests to family dinners or birthday parties and let them get to know each other there. In that way, you won’t have a special event with 100 people that are strangers. 

Organizing special events is stressful. However, once you see everybody having fun, you forget about the tension and just start to enjoy yourself. Remember that after all this is your special day. Make it count. You are the important one!

Planning family visit in the Chicago area for 2022? Here is what you need to see!

If you have included Chicago in your travel plans for next year we can only congratulate you. The city is perfect for a family visit and there is a lot to see and do. In this article, we are going to give you some insight into interesting upcoming events in 2022. Also, we are going to outline several places you must visit and some activities you should try while you are in Chicago. If your plan your stay with a nice hotel and proper tour transportation, you will have a great time!

Pick a season of your choosing

If you are about to discover Chicago with your family, you have to pick a season for that. We can vouge that the “windy city” is very beautiful at any time of the year. The sping is nice and green, the summer is not so hot and everything is beautiful. The autumn puts a rainy but quite a lovely mood as the trees are changing their coloring. The winter months are a continuous Christmas fairy tale. Depending on your preferences and reason for visiting, you should indeed choose the best time for you. And remember - there is no bad choice. Just several different good ones. And each will uniquely surprise you. 

Pick Chicago tours transport

If you are going for an interesting touristic experience, be sure to arrange proper tour transportation. If you need the full package, you can hire a local guide to give you updates on the interesting sights. Hiring this type of service has many benefits: 

  • You won’t waste time in searching for parking; 
  • Don’t have to worry about traffic; 
  • Have the benefit of being shown Chicago by locals.

When you consider the list of pros and cons, the good sides of having a planned tour are much more. You can check the options for such services and book in advance. 

Don’t miss the amazing events in 2022

In Chicago each year there are a lot of fantastic events that might be interesting for all. For sure we recommend visiting a Chicago Bulls game. Other interesting events in 2022 are: 

Of course, besides those, there are many more things to look forward to depending on the season. For example, each Christmas in Chicago is amazing. There are tons of fun winter activities to do. 

The most famous Chicago landmarks

Don’t miss out on the most famous tourists sights in Chicago! Plan your schedule well because usually, time is never enough to visit everything. Here are the ones you don’t want to skip:

  • The observation deck of Chicago;
  • Cloud gate;
  • The Loop;
  • Millenium park;
  • Garfield Park Conservatory;
  • The Buckingham Fountain; 
  • Navy Pier. 

We don’t mention any museums here because we believe that you should have a whole visit dedicated only to them. When we discover Chicago first we go over the landmarks, after that spent time in the galleries and museums. After all of this is done, we explore the city like locals. 

Activities you must try

Some of the things you must do in Chicago are unique for the city, while others are quite common. For sure, we recommend that you visit a basketball and baseball game just for the fun of it. Taking a walk and exploring the beautiful architecture is also a must. However, the thing you must do for sure is Chicago Riverwalk or take a boat trip along the Chicago River. If you do that you will be in love with the city forever. 

Chicago is a fantastic place for family visits. The city is beautiful and offers great experiences in any season of the year. Plan your trip and if you need tour transportation services or airport transportation, feel free to call us!

How to plan your concert schedule for 2022?

2022 is just days away. People are waiting for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The true music fans are doing something else. Looking how to arrange their concert schedule for next year. Some big events are coming up like the tour of Rita Ora, Elton John, and many more. If you are one of the people that love to visit big concerts, we are here to help you with the planning. Make sure you get your friends together and enjoy a year filled with awesome music events!

Find good deals on tickets 

You are going to have some budget available for tickets. If you spend it wisely, you can visit more concerts. Part of the whole experience is finding the best deals on tickets. Here we have several tips for you: 

  • Better to visit more concerts, rather have better seats; 
  • Buy your tickets only from the official websites to avoid fakes and scams; 
  • The earlier you buy, the better the prices;
  • Check for group discounts. 

In the best-case scenario, you can redirect some of the money you have for travel and hotels for tickets. If you do your budgeting right, you can add 1-2 more concert visits to your schedule for next year.

Hire concert transportation services 

If you are looking to have a good time for everyone, hire concerts transportation services. This is a good choice from several perspectives: 

  • Safety - you don’t have to worry that the driver will be too tired;
  • Have a good time - nobody has to remain sober to be the responsible driver; 
  • Convenience - you don’t have to worry about parking and that someone can trash your car during the concert. 

If you are a company of several people, you can look for mini bus rentals. Another option is to check if it is possible to organize and travel together with other people from your city that visit the concert as well. If you arrange a good price, you can use the money you saved to buy more concert tickets. 

Look for places to stay 

The places to stay in the cities on dates close to big concert events are booked almost instantly and the prices go up. This has to be the first thing you do after you buy the tickets. We have several tips that will help you narrow down the search: 

  • Look for the best price/quality ratio; 
  • Find places within walking distance of the concert venue; 
  • Check for places that are in safe neighborhoods; 
  • Sometimes apartments are a better option than hotels.

Remember that if you rent a bigger place for more people, the price will go down. 

Arrange your work schedule 

When you plan the concerts trips, don’t forget to check the days you are planning with your schedule at work. After all, it is not great to have the tickets for the concert and then to find out that you can’t take the time off to go. Coordinate with your colleagues and your boss. Make sure that they understand how important this is to you. Everyone that will travel with you should do the same. It is easier to coordinate these things at the beginning of the year when nobody from your colleagues has any travel plans yet.  

Don’t forget we live during a pandemic

Everythings might be looking great with the planning. However, remember that out there is Covid-19 lurking around the corner. The concert you want to visit might be postponed or canceled. Check what is the return policy on everything you have bought - tickets, accommodation, concerts transportation. It is bad enough to be disappointed. You don’t want to lose money as well. Since the pandemic started, a lot of companies are flexible in their return policy for bookings in advance. Make sure that you have those terms in writing if something goes wrong with the travel plans. 

2022 can be an amazing year for all concert lovers. Just follow our tips and you are going to do great! 

Arriving in Chicago for Christmas? Here is what not to miss!

If you are arriving in Chicago for Christmas we can just envy you. The holidays are the perfect time to visit the “Windy City”. It doesn’t matter if you are coming over to see relatives or just decided to spend Christmas in an interesting place. There is a lot to see and do in Chicago in the winter, most of all during the festive season. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and tricks that will make your stay perfect. Also, we will show some things that are too good to miss out on.

Consider Chicago airport transportation

We start with airport transportation. As you can imagine, over the holidays everything is crazy and a lot of people are either coming to or leaving Chicago. It is better to book a charter service from the airport in advance. Once you know when you are arriving just take care of that and get it off your mind. The best option is always to book the same company on the way to the airport for your outgoing flight as well. If you have a lot of luggage you can ask for a bigger car and assistance from the driver. And if you are a group of people, the price will go down. From all the options out there, this seems to be the best one to get in and out of the city. 

Go see the Christmas tree

Every person from Chicago will tell you to go and see the Christmas tree. It is traditionally in Millenium Park. There are so many lights, that you will see it from far away. It is a great place to take some photos with the family. You can enjoy a walk around the park as well. The Christmas tree will be there by the 9th of January, so there is plenty of time to see it. It is interesting to note that this is the 108th Christmas tree of the city of Chicago. A great tradition that is carried out for over a century. And to be honest - it just gets prettier with each passing year. 

Christmas shopping

Chicago is a great place to do your Christmas shopping. We doubt that you will be carrying bags of presents around O'Hare or Midway when you are arriving. Plan the trip in a way that will allow you to shop for presents in the city. This is a great way to explore, see all of the beauty from the decorations and feel the festive spirit. Besides, if you are buying presents for your family, you can d double-check on some of your ideas. 

Visit the Christkindlmarket

Chicago has a tradition to host a each year Christmas market. In 2020 because of Covid-19, there was no such activity. However, this year everything is back! This german-inspired market is located on Daley Plaza. It will be there by the 24th of December. You will have the chance to visit if you are arriving a few days earlier before Christmas. 

Go ice skating

Another great idea for winter family activity! Ice skating is an option for everyone that visits Chicago. And it is an opportunity for some quality time. Just be careful not to fall! There is a Skating Ribbon located at Maggie Daley Park in Downtown Chicago. It will remain there until March and you have all the time in the world to enjoy it! If you don’t like big crowds, we suggest checking when it is less busy and going at that time. And the final touch that will inspire the art lovers - the designs for this winter come as an inspiration from the work of Vincent van Gogh himself. 

We wish you the most amazing Christmas ever! Chicago is the best place to enjoy it!

Rent a car vs hired transportation - pros and cons and what to choose?

You are traveling to Chicago and are wondering if you should rent a car or hire a professional transportation company? Each of these choices has some pros and cons that we are going to review together. After we are done it will be easier for your to make your final decision. The budget will not be something we consider, since this is a private matter and it depends on the financial situation of each person. 


The first thing we need to consider is safety. Imagine the following scenario - you are landing in Chicago. You had a long flight and you feel tired. On the plane next to you there was a baby that was crying and you couldn’t get any sleep. It is dark and you don’t know the road to your hotel. You are not sure where to park either. In this case, it would be much better to have the services of a professional company that can take you to your hotel from the airport. The trip will be much safer and you will be able to get a well-deserved rest. 

Getting around the city 

Chicago is a big city. Yes, the public transportation is good, but if you have meetings all over town, it is better to have a car. If you are part of a business delegation and you have rented a car to go around town, one of you must drive. This extra commitment means that you have to research where to park in a way that is won’t get you fined. You also have to be responsible for the car to be filled with gas and know your way around the city. The busy traffic can ruin your day. The other option is hiring corporate transportation that will pick up from your hotel in the time you need them to and drive you around Chicago. In that way, you can focus on the thing you came for - business.  

Time for fun

Okay, you came to Chicago on a trip or maybe for a special event. A wedding? That is perfect! Maybe a bachelor party will be part of your program as well. If you are a group of people that drive around in a car you have rented, one of you has to be the designated driver. And that will ruin all the fun for him. Imagine all the others having beers, cigars, or pouring champagne, while the driver just watches. And now imagine another scenario - hiring a limo with a professional driver and having one amazing party in the back while you cruize around Chicago. 


This is not a funny subject. However, imagine if something happens while you are driving. You get into a car accident with a rental car. You have to pay for the damage that was caused and are liable for your actions. However, if you hire a professional driver, this bad probability is out of the equation. You don’t have to worry if the car gets bumped or damaged - as long as there are no people harmed everything else will be good. 

These are some of the main points to consider when choosing either to hire a car from a rental company and drive yourself or to hire a professional transportation company for your needs. Depending on your needs and budget, there are various options for both. If your mind is made up and you are looking for a company for transportation - give us a call! We will be happy to make your stay in Chicago better with our services. 

How to plan for the last business travels at the end of 2021?

The holidays are almost upon us. However, if you are reading this, you have one more business trip ahead of you. We know that you can’t wait to get home for Christmas to your family and friends. And we are here to help you with some advice on how to plan the last business trip at the end of 2021 in a way that will be enjoyable for you and you will manage to get the work done in a great way. Here we go! 

Agenda of the business travel 

First of all, check the agenda you have ahead of you. If you can influence the agenda and it seems too spread out, try to make some changes and fit everything in one or two days. In most cases, such trips are planned in a way to have some free time and there is some room to move meetings around. Probably everyone will be happy to get home earlier. Discuss such changes with the organizers and try to push them through. You can even try to remove some items from the agenda. It is common for the last day to finish around noon and a formal goodbye dinner to be planned for the evening. If you have an afternoon flight, just skip that thing and go home. 

Christmas shopping

Try to save some time and do the Christmas shopping while you are away on corporate travel. In this way, you can buy some interesting gifts for everyone and get back home like Santa Claus. Usually, you can find Christmas markets with a lot of interesting small stores that sell crafts and souvenirs. While exploring the city, you can combine this with buying presents for your loved ones. A beautiful scarf for the wife? Or maybe a hat for your husband? Let your imagination run wild and dedicate your free time to shopping! 

Hire corporate transportation

One thing you can do to make everything easier for you is just to hire corporate transportation. You will have a driver that can take you and your colleagues around the city. You don’t have to worry about driving in the winter conditions and the busy traffic and where to park. A professional driver will help you save time and be calm about security and safety. And on the other hand - if there is a business lunch, you can have one or two glasses of wine with a clear conscience. And nobody has to be in the role of the designated driver. 

Become a present for the family

This one only works if you are coming home for Christmas or the day before. You will need to have an accomplice in the family. Tell everyone but him/her that you won’t be able to make it in time. The truth is, you will be home. Buy one huge cardboard box and decorate it as a present. Have it with you and once you are on the front door, get inside or have it over you. You can call your “partner in crime” to help you. Then ring the bell and get him/her to take the family to the door. Once everyone is there jump out of the box - it will be the perfect surprise for them! 

Business travel around the holidays is something that nobody likes. It is not good for you, for your family, and in most cases - for the company, but it has to be done. Make the best of it for you - stay in a good hotel, hire corporate transportation to get around, and enjoy nice meals. Just be sure to get back in time for that amazing family Christmas dinner. 

Important things to consider when organizing a wedding in Chicago

So, you are planning a wedding in Chicago? That is just amazing! The city is one of the best places in America where couples can get married. All right, we live here and we are going to cheer for it, but we can give you some great advice on wedding planning. Just follow our lead and you will be fine with the organization and will have less stress and more enjoyment in the whole process. 

Be prepared for any type of weather

Chicago is the perfect place for outdoor weddings. However, we advise you to check the weather forecast and rent out a venue where you can be outside, but there is an option to move inside as well. Do that just in case if it is too windy or it starts to rain. This will limit your options for the venue but it will give you a great backup plan if the weather is bad. And if the wedding starts in the afternoon and continues in the evening, you can start outside and have dinner indoors. 

Transportation for your guests

One of the most important things you should consider. You should hire a reliable company that offers wedding transportation in Chicago. This is a good choice because you don’t have to worry about how the guests will arrive if they are going to be on time if they will find the wedding venue, etc. This will take a lot of your organizing plate and leave more time for you to be focused on more essential things related to the ceremony and the party afterward. And you can also consider special wedding transportation for the bride and the groom.

Make a checklist with everything 

You will be surprised that most organizers don’t have a master plan. We advise you to make one huge checklist with everything related to the wedding - invitations, meals, venue, guests, flowers, music. Put everything you can think of in there. Then add deadlines to each activity and follow them strictly. Having everything in one place will help you be more organized and centered when you have to check something or react quickly to any changes. It will also be easier to calculate the total budget and see if you are okay with the financial side of organizing the whole thing. 

Ask if someone wants to surprise the bride and the groom 

One of the worst things we have seen happen at weeding is when the organizer has everything planned to the split of a second and someone decides to announce a surprise for the bride and the groom. Then all the clever organization and planning goes to hell. This is why we advise you to ask in advance if someone from the guests plans something special. It can be a speech, a dance, a funny game, a present, or some funky family tradition. It doesn’t matter. Just make sure you know about it and put it in your plans. 

Plan the photoshoot

This is a common mistake. When making plans for weddings, people often don’t leave enough time for the special photoshoot of the bride and the groom. Talk with them and with the photographer about how much time they will need if they want to take shots in some specific places and make it work with the other activities you have in your schedule. This is something special so it should come as a priority. When you make the huge list we mentioned earlier, write this down on the top of it. 

Organizing a wedding in Chicago is amazing. Sure, it can be stressful but it is worth it! You are going to enjoy a great time. And who knows - you might be the next in line to go down the aisle and say “Yes!”.

From losers to winners - 5 tips on how your team can perform better

So, you are riding in the sports team transportation with grim faces after the game you list? And is this another one of several losses in a row? Don`t worry, coach - we have your back! In this article, we are going to share with you some proven tactics that will help you and the team bring the wins back. Just follow our lead and you will do just fine. 

Figure out what is the problem with the athletic team

This bad series started somewhere with one bad performance before it spiraled to what it is today. Try to sit down and figure out what is the reason for bad performance. Maybe some injury occurred and someone that has a vital role in the team is not available? Or maybe some player left? Are there any quarrels in the team or the tone remains friendly? Maybe someone is having a difficult time in their personal life? You can`t remedy the situation without knowing what is the problem behind it. Start by figuring this out 

Be honest and open with the team

Be honest with the team. Avoiding the topic won't make it go away. Talk about the elephant in the room. If you play in a team sport, the players are likely feeling terrible. Some of them might be blaming themselves. Have an open conversation about the tight spot you are in. You need to get in their head that this is a temporary situation and it will go away if you work as a team. Sometimes you have to speak with each team member individually to get things going. Ask for their opinion and feedback. You might have missed something they have noticed. 

Get the fans to back the team 

When the team is in a tight spot, fans are more important than ever. Speak with the fan club and tell them the team needs support. Ask them to be more vocal and loud when they play. Get then to show up at practice and cheer. This will boost the confidence and morale in your ranks. When the players see the support they will know that they have not disappointed the fans. And that can mean a lot to them. You can even go further and have an open meeting with some fans. That will be great for both sides. 

A motivational speech is not always the key

You have seen all the great movies like “Remember the titans”, “Any given Sunday” and “Coach Carter”. All of them leave the impression that when things are bad one amazing inspirational speech can be the gamechanger for the bad times and after that everything will go great. The truth is that in some cases the members of your team don’t need to be motivated. They might already be. They might be frustrated because they have the motivation needed and are working hard and things are not going so great. In such cases, a comforting talk is needed to make things better. Read the situation and know what to do at the proper time for that. 

Focus on getting the winning mentality on track

When you want to get your team to perform better, you have to make sure they get their winning mentality back. That can happen by boosting their confidence, going to a camp together, doing extra training, or something else. What is important - you need to be focused on this. For that, it is better to just leave aside all the things that will take your mind of this task. Don’t drive the team - get them all together in a bus (hire sports team transportation). Let them be together before the game. Motivate them, joke around a little bit, talk about how they are going to perform, and make sure that they know you are proud of them. A little inspiration can go a long way. 

It is normal for sports teams to face hard times. Even the best do it. In such cases, it is up to the coach to help the players get out of the bad zone. We know you can do it. Make them believe it as well!

How to plan the free time of business delegation arriving in Chicago?

It is always great to have a business delegation over. This means a lot of potential business is being negotiated with the people that will travel to Chicago. They can be investors, clients, or government officials. One thing is for sure - you want to be at your best. That means taking care that everything goes perfectly and they are happy. An important part of that is how you plan the free time in their schedule. As a host, it is your responsibility to show them around and entertain them. And if you can pull that off, the business talks will go very smoothly. 

Outline the must-see destinations

If you have some important business guests coming over, it is common courtesy to show them around. It will be especially great for them to discover Chicago if they have never been to the city. Arrange the tour transportation in a way that will go through all the important landmarks and attractions. Remember to hire a guide and leave some time for group photos. Don't try to overdo it. It is better to have fewer stops for sightseeing and enjoying themselves rather than rushing from one stop to another. Take it easy and adapt to the rhythm of the group. 

Check the schedule of each person

Before you announce your plans for the free time, check with the delegation that is coming. Some people might have personal plans like visiting relatives. Others might be traveling with family and plan to stay longer. Check if they are available for the agenda you have in mind. Maybe some of them can participate in some things and not in others. Like coming to the networking cocktail but skipping the sightseeing with tour transportation. You can check if the business delegation as a whole has some other plans like going shopping instead of what you are offering. Adapt to the situation. 

Hire professionals for Chicago tours 

Don't improvise when you have a business delegation over. Have in mind and prepare a budget for hiring tour transportation for Chicago tours and a guide. Check if the members of the delegation speak English or you need to look for a guide that knows their language. These are the small things that make the difference. If the sightseeing trip will take more time, prepare water and some sandwiches (or other snacks). Adapt to the season and weather as well. It is not a good idea to be out on a bad or too hot day. When you hire professionals to help, you can focus more on the organization and less on stuff like where to park. 

Check for food allergies

Part of the free time is planning the menu as well. Before the delegation arrives, check if someone has any food allergies or specific food preferences. It is good to have at least two options for meat (chicken and pork or veal) and one vegan (in case someone forgets to tell you). The menu can be in line with some thematic dishes you want to feature. If the business delegation is coming to participate in a conference and you are working with an event planning company, the meals can be in line thematically with the event. The options here are limitless. 

Leave some time for rest 

While it is great to fill up the free time of the guests in the business delegation with activities, keep in mind that they will need some time to rest. If the agenda of their schedule is light, you can include a sightseeing tour in the afternoon or before dinner. However, keep in mind that you need to leave the people some time to rest and recharge their batteries. There is a suitable time for everything and if they are tired you might postpone some activity that you had in mind. 

We know that hosting a business delegation can be very challenging and even frustrating. Remain positive even when things go wrong and try to enjoy yourself and have fun. Remember that business connections are made quite easier once you establish good personal contact first.