You are traveling to Chicago and are wondering if you should rent a car or hire a professional transportation company? Each of these choices has some pros and cons that we are going to review together. After we are done it will be easier for your to make your final decision. The budget will not be something we consider, since this is a private matter and it depends on the financial situation of each person. 


The first thing we need to consider is safety. Imagine the following scenario – you are landing in Chicago. You had a long flight and you feel tired. On the plane next to you there was a baby that was crying and you couldn’t get any sleep. It is dark and you don’t know the road to your hotel. You are not sure where to park either. In this case, it would be much better to have the services of a professional company that can take you to your hotel from the airport. The trip will be much safer and you will be able to get a well-deserved rest. 

Getting around the city 

Chicago is a big city. Yes, the public transportation is good, but if you have meetings all over town, it is better to have a car. If you are part of a business delegation and you have rented a car to go around town, one of you must drive. This extra commitment means that you have to research where to park in a way that is won’t get you fined. You also have to be responsible for the car to be filled with gas and know your way around the city. The busy traffic can ruin your day. The other option is hiring corporate transportation that will pick up from your hotel in the time you need them to and drive you around Chicago. In that way, you can focus on the thing you came for – business.  

Time for fun

Okay, you came to Chicago on a trip or maybe for a special event. A wedding? That is perfect! Maybe a bachelor party will be part of your program as well. If you are a group of people that drive around in a car you have rented, one of you has to be the designated driver. And that will ruin all the fun for him. Imagine all the others having beers, cigars, or pouring champagne, while the driver just watches. And now imagine another scenario – hiring a limo with a professional driver and having one amazing party in the back while you cruize around Chicago. 


This is not a funny subject. However, imagine if something happens while you are driving. You get into a car accident with a rental car. You have to pay for the damage that was caused and are liable for your actions. However, if you hire a professional driver, this bad probability is out of the equation. You don’t have to worry if the car gets bumped or damaged – as long as there are no people harmed everything else will be good. 

These are some of the main points to consider when choosing either to hire a car from a rental company and drive yourself or to hire a professional transportation company for your needs. Depending on your needs and budget, there are various options for both. If your mind is made up and you are looking for a company for transportation – give us a call! We will be happy to make your stay in Chicago better with our services.