So, you are riding in the sports team transportation with grim faces after the game you list? And is this another one of several losses in a row? Don`t worry, coach – we have your back! In this article, we are going to share with you some proven tactics that will help you and the team bring the wins back. Just follow our lead and you will do just fine. 

Figure out what is the problem with the athletic team

This bad series started somewhere with one bad performance before it spiraled to what it is today. Try to sit down and figure out what is the reason for bad performance. Maybe some injury occurred and someone that has a vital role in the team is not available? Or maybe some player left? Are there any quarrels in the team or the tone remains friendly? Maybe someone is having a difficult time in their personal life? You can`t remedy the situation without knowing what is the problem behind it. Start by figuring this out 

Be honest and open with the team

Be honest with the team. Avoiding the topic won’t make it go away. Talk about the elephant in the room. If you play in a team sport, the players are likely feeling terrible. Some of them might be blaming themselves. Have an open conversation about the tight spot you are in. You need to get in their head that this is a temporary situation and it will go away if you work as a team. Sometimes you have to speak with each team member individually to get things going. Ask for their opinion and feedback. You might have missed something they have noticed. 

Get the fans to back the team 

When the team is in a tight spot, fans are more important than ever. Speak with the fan club and tell them the team needs support. Ask them to be more vocal and loud when they play. Get then to show up at practice and cheer. This will boost the confidence and morale in your ranks. When the players see the support they will know that they have not disappointed the fans. And that can mean a lot to them. You can even go further and have an open meeting with some fans. That will be great for both sides. 

A motivational speech is not always the key

You have seen all the great movies like “Remember the titans”, “Any given Sunday” and “Coach Carter”. All of them leave the impression that when things are bad one amazing inspirational speech can be the gamechanger for the bad times and after that everything will go great. The truth is that in some cases the members of your team don’t need to be motivated. They might already be. They might be frustrated because they have the motivation needed and are working hard and things are not going so great. In such cases, a comforting talk is needed to make things better. Read the situation and know what to do at the proper time for that. 

Focus on getting the winning mentality on track

When you want to get your team to perform better, you have to make sure they get their winning mentality back. That can happen by boosting their confidence, going to a camp together, doing extra training, or something else. What is important – you need to be focused on this. For that, it is better to just leave aside all the things that will take your mind of this task. Don’t drive the team – get them all together in a bus (hire sports team transportation). Let them be together before the game. Motivate them, joke around a little bit, talk about how they are going to perform, and make sure that they know you are proud of them. A little inspiration can go a long way. 

It is normal for sports teams to face hard times. Even the best do it. In such cases, it is up to the coach to help the players get out of the bad zone. We know you can do it. Make them believe it as well!