2022 is just days away. People are waiting for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The true music fans are doing something else. Looking how to arrange their concert schedule for next year. Some big events are coming up like the tour of Rita Ora, Elton John, and many more. If you are one of the people that love to visit big concerts, we are here to help you with the planning. Make sure you get your friends together and enjoy a year filled with awesome music events!

Find good deals on tickets 

You are going to have some budget available for tickets. If you spend it wisely, you can visit more concerts. Part of the whole experience is finding the best deals on tickets. Here we have several tips for you: 

  • Better to visit more concerts, rather have better seats; 
  • Buy your tickets only from the official websites to avoid fakes and scams; 
  • The earlier you buy, the better the prices;
  • Check for group discounts. 

In the best-case scenario, you can redirect some of the money you have for travel and hotels for tickets. If you do your budgeting right, you can add 1-2 more concert visits to your schedule for next year.

Hire concert transportation services 

If you are looking to have a good time for everyone, hire concerts transportation services. This is a good choice from several perspectives: 

  • Safety – you don’t have to worry that the driver will be too tired;
  • Have a good time – nobody has to remain sober to be the responsible driver; 
  • Convenience – you don’t have to worry about parking and that someone can trash your car during the concert. 

If you are a company of several people, you can look for mini bus rentals. Another option is to check if it is possible to organize and travel together with other people from your city that visit the concert as well. If you arrange a good price, you can use the money you saved to buy more concert tickets. 

Look for places to stay 

The places to stay in the cities on dates close to big concert events are booked almost instantly and the prices go up. This has to be the first thing you do after you buy the tickets. We have several tips that will help you narrow down the search: 

  • Look for the best price/quality ratio; 
  • Find places within walking distance of the concert venue; 
  • Check for places that are in safe neighborhoods; 
  • Sometimes apartments are a better option than hotels.

Remember that if you rent a bigger place for more people, the price will go down. 

Arrange your work schedule 

When you plan the concerts trips, don’t forget to check the days you are planning with your schedule at work. After all, it is not great to have the tickets for the concert and then to find out that you can’t take the time off to go. Coordinate with your colleagues and your boss. Make sure that they understand how important this is to you. Everyone that will travel with you should do the same. It is easier to coordinate these things at the beginning of the year when nobody from your colleagues has any travel plans yet.  

Don’t forget we live during a pandemic

Everythings might be looking great with the planning. However, remember that out there is Covid-19 lurking around the corner. The concert you want to visit might be postponed or canceled. Check what is the return policy on everything you have bought – tickets, accommodation, concerts transportation. It is bad enough to be disappointed. You don’t want to lose money as well. Since the pandemic started, a lot of companies are flexible in their return policy for bookings in advance. Make sure that you have those terms in writing if something goes wrong with the travel plans. 

2022 can be an amazing year for all concert lovers. Just follow our tips and you are going to do great!