Bus charter for a concert trip – A musical adventure

Chicago is an exciting and vibrant city with plenty of events and activities to explore and enjoy. It’s also one of the most popular locations for concerts, with major music events scheduled throughout the whole year. If you’re planning to travel to Chicago for a concert, one of the best ways to enjoy your time and make the most of your concert trip is by hiring bus charter services. Read more

Coach bus rental for your sports team - how to find the best deal?

It’s the nature of professional and semi-professional sports teams to travel to destinations where they can compete against other teams. Whether it’s a youth club, a university team, dance performers, or any other sport, a coach would need to ensure that their entire team gets to their destination on time every time. Choosing a coach bus rental for your sports team will be one of the things that needs to be organized. But how do you find the best deal? First, let’s look at some of the reasons why you’d want to choose a coach bus rental for your sports team. Read more

Key differences between a driver and a chauffeur service - insights from Chicago

Most people have probably used a bus charter service at least once. It might have been a ride from the airport to the hotel or maybe tour transportation with charter buses. That trip would not be possible without the person behind the wheel driving from point A to point B. Essentially those are the professionals representing the face of every transportation company and the ones passengers interact with the most. They can be either regular drivers or professional chauffeurs. And in this article, we will explain why and how this is different. Read more

Does the perfect charter bus company exist?

“At Bus Connection, we do not sell just transportation. We sell professional service, experience and lasting memories.”

Today in this article, you will take a unique inside look at charter buses. We sat down with Ves Nedev, President of Bus Connection to see his vision of the perfect bus charter company. With over 15 years of experience in the limosine and charter bus industry. Ves built this successful company from the ground up and introduced his own innovation, style and commitment to service that is impacting the bus charter industry. Today, we will discuss the concept of the perfect bus charter company with him. Read more

bus charter rental for wedding

Bus charter rental for a wedding - essential things you should know

Your wedding is one of the most special and beautiful days of your life.  On this special day, planning and attention to detail are critical to a successful wedding. Wedding transportation is an important part of your wedding. Read more

transportation services in chicago

How to find the best transportation services for tourists in Chicago?

If you are visiting Chicago in the summer months, we can only congratulate you on the good choice. The city offers a lot of interesting places to visit and activities that you can do with your family and friends. The nice weather brings out the best in Chicago and you can explore if you hire tour transportation services for your group. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and ideas on how to choose the perfect bus charter company for this in the best way possible. Read more

airport transfer

5 things that can ruin your airport transfers in the summer

When you plan your summer holiday you have to consider many things. Hotels, plane tickets, planning your free time during the trip, and of course - airport transfers. Airport transportation is a small but vital part of your vacation but if it goes bad it can ruin your experience. In this article, we are going to talk about several things that can turn any airport charter service into an experience you want to forget. Look for them in the customer reviews before you choose your airport transportation. Read more

airport transportation

How to choose airport transportation for your next business trip?

You are flying to Chicago for a business trip? An important part of this is planning and booking your airport transportation. In this article, we are going to help you with this task by providing some useful insight that will come in handy while you are browsing for airport transportation services. Read more

bus charter

Bus Charter services for sports teams - how to pick the proper one?

When a sports team is looking for bus charter services various factors have to be considered. Among them are the available budget, the safety rating of the travel bus rental company, and the quality of the service. We know looking for such a partner can be a tough challenge. Especially with all of the other responsibilities the coach and staff members have. We are here to help you with some tips on how to pick the proper company for charter buses. 

Demand for a bus charter with room for luggage 

Every sports team has a lot of luggage when there is travel for an away game. If you hire a bus charter company that offers a vehicle that doesn’t have enough room you and the players are going to be very uncomfortable. If it is a short trip you might get away with it. However, on a long journey, it will be very bad and bring a lot of discomfort to the team. 

That is why before each time you travel demand that you have charter buses that will be able to fit your luggage and have enough room and comfortable seats for you and the players. 

Rely on recommendations but check the reviews

A good way to start your search for a proper travel bus rental is to ask other coaches about the companies they are working with. This can be a good source of information. However, you need to do deeper research before you make the final decision. Check the customer reviews and the safety rating. These two things will give you a good glimpse of the quality of the bus charter company. 

Be sure the schedule of the charter buses is in line with your games

This is very important. Before the season starts you must be sure to give a copy of the schedule of your games to the travel bus rental company. If you arrange your trips one by one you risk that there will not be a charter bus available. However, if there are dates set in advance you will never risk being left behind. 

Look for travel bus rental with experienced drivers

When you are traveling for a game you need to be in good hands. The company you hire should have experienced drivers working for them. This is a better guarantee for safety and that the person will know their way around the state of Illinois. When you are rushing for a game this can be an important advantage for you. 

If you need charter bus services for your sports team, feel free to call us. We have over 14 years of experience providing transportation services in the Chicago state area. Just give us a call and we will take care of you! 

transportation services

How to pick the best transportation services company for your next tour?

Transportation services are something every band has to consider before going on tour. Having a small van to fit you and all the equipment sounds old-school and romantic. However, in today's world, it is way better to trust a professional company for this type of service. In this article, we are going to help you choose by providing some criteria that you should look for. 

Bus charter prices 

There are a lot of expenses before you go on tour. You have to plan your budget that will be enough for: 

  • Food and drinks; 
  • Hotel accommodation; 
  • Transportation services and others. 

This is why you should look for the best price-quality ratio. Yes, the price is an important factor, however, you need to be careful because in many cases cheap prices can mean a bad quality of the service. The good thing is that around Chicago there are a lot of bus charter companies to look for. However, check the prices and then go through the reviews from customers. That will give you the best insight. 

The flexibility of the company

There are not that many companies that can provide you with the option of transportation services for your tour. A truly flexible company will be: 

  • available 24/7;
  • be able to travel outside of the state of Illinois. 

Those are two very important factors you should consider when you review your options for charter bus charter companies. 

Proper charter busses for rent 

If you are going on tour you need to choose a company that has good enough vehicles. They should be new, clean, and have enough space for your instruments and luggage. When you browse through the websites of companies for transportation services check their fleet. There should be a dedicated page for their buses and vans. You can also check for pictures on social media. And be sure to check specially for this in the reviews on Google and Facebook. 

Experience in providing transportation services for bands

Look for companies that have provided charter buses for rent for other bands in the past. You want to work with professionals that have the needed experience and know what challenges and needs you have as musicians. Going on tour is stressful enough without having to worry about transportation-related issues as well. 

Before we part ways, we want to wish you luck on your upcoming tour! We are sure you are going to be great. If you are looking for a trusted partner for transportation services, you can always rely on us. Just give us a call or send us an email!