How to plan the free time of business delegation arriving in Chicago?

It is always great to have a business delegation over. This means a lot of potential business is being negotiated with the people that will travel to Chicago. They can be investors, clients, or government officials. One thing is for sure – you want to be at your best. That means taking care that everything goes perfectly and they are happy. An important part of that is how you plan the free time in their schedule. As a host, it is your responsibility to show them around and entertain them. And if you can pull that off, the business talks will go very smoothly. 

Outline the must-see destinations

If you have some important business guests coming over, it is common courtesy to show them around. It will be especially great for them to discover Chicago if they have never been to the city. Arrange the tour transportation in a way that will go through all the important landmarks and attractions. Remember to hire a guide and leave some time for group photos. Don’t try to overdo it. It is better to have fewer stops for sightseeing and enjoying themselves rather than rushing from one stop to another. Take it easy and adapt to the rhythm of the group. 

Check the schedule of each person

Before you announce your plans for the free time, check with the delegation that is coming. Some people might have personal plans like visiting relatives. Others might be traveling with family and plan to stay longer. Check if they are available for the agenda you have in mind. Maybe some of them can participate in some things and not in others. Like coming to the networking cocktail but skipping the sightseeing with tour transportation. You can check if the business delegation as a whole has some other plans like going shopping instead of what you are offering. Adapt to the situation. 

Hire professionals for Chicago tours 

Don’t improvise when you have a business delegation over. Have in mind and prepare a budget for hiring tour transportation for Chicago tours and a guide. Check if the members of the delegation speak English or you need to look for a guide that knows their language. These are the small things that make the difference. If the sightseeing trip will take more time, prepare water and some sandwiches (or other snacks). Adapt to the season and weather as well. It is not a good idea to be out on a bad or too hot day. When you hire professionals to help, you can focus more on the organization and less on stuff like where to park. 

Check for food allergies

Part of the free time is planning the menu as well. Before the delegation arrives, check if someone has any food allergies or specific food preferences. It is good to have at least two options for meat (chicken and pork or veal) and one vegan (in case someone forgets to tell you). The menu can be in line with some thematic dishes you want to feature. If the business delegation is coming to participate in a conference and you are working with an event planning company, the meals can be in line thematically with the event. The options here are limitless. 

Leave some time for rest 

While it is great to fill up the free time of the guests in the business delegation with activities, keep in mind that they will need some time to rest. If the agenda of their schedule is light, you can include a sightseeing tour in the afternoon or before dinner. However, keep in mind that you need to leave the people some time to rest and recharge their batteries. There is a suitable time for everything and if they are tired you might postpone some activity that you had in mind. 

We know that hosting a business delegation can be very challenging and even frustrating. Remain positive even when things go wrong and try to enjoy yourself and have fun. Remember that business connections are made quite easier once you establish good personal contact first.