Chicago White Sox News & Summer Schedule

If you’re a baseball fan and you happen to find yourself in Chicago this summer, you’re in for a treat. The Chicago White Sox are here to entertain you and put you in a good mood during the various upcoming games. But if you’re new to baseball in Chicago and you’d like to find out more, learning about the White Sox is crucial. Stick around to find out more about one of Chicago’s top teams, their upcoming summer schedule, and learn why it's important to have a professional partner when it comes to transportation in Chicago, especially if it's for your favourite baseball game.Read more

8 must-see Chicago concerts in summer 2022

Summer has already started, but luckily there are a few more months to enjoy the warm temperatures, the sandy beaches, and sunny days in Chicago. The city is a top travel destination during the summer for many reasons, but one of them is, without a doubt, its diverse range of music concerts. So buckle-up and let's get your Chicago concert transportation organized.
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All you need to know about Chicago Architecture Boat Tours

Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is home to some architectural delights and innovations. And what better way to view them than with a boat tour along the Chicago River? There are over 50 skyscrapers and historic buildings that have seen the complete makeover of the city’s skyline since the Great Chicago Fire of October 1871. After the fire burned for around two days, it destroyed around 3.3 square miles of the city, including 17,000 structures. This led to visionary architects introducing steel and glass in buildings, some of which would be considered the world’s tallest at given points in history. But what buildings can you see on a Chicago Architecture Boat Tour? And when is the best time for one? We take a closer look.Read more

The Complete Guide to Wrigley Field

If you thought that Wrigley Field, situated in the north part of Chicago, is only about baseball and hot dogs, you’d be wrong. Ever since it was founded in 1914 by Charles Weegham, this baseball field has undergone a massive transformation. It has hosted boxing matches and hockey games. It has hosted National Football League (NFL) events. And it is also a massive location for music concerts. In fact, in 2017, the attendance record for a concert was broken by Dead and Company reaching over 80,000 people. But what more is there to what is nicknamed the “Friendly Confines” or the previously-named Weegham Park? Let’s take a closer look. Find out how you can make your sports and events transporattion in Chicago easy and hassle free.Read more

Chicago Cubs Summer Schedule

If you’re planning to visit Chicago for the first time, there’s so much to cover. There are a ton of attractive landscapes and cultural spots, sandy beaches, thrilling summer festivals and concerts, and of course - vibrant restaurants and bars. But you’re also in for a treat if you’re into sports. And when talking about Chicago and sports, it’s impossible not to mention the Chicago Cubs - one of the most famous professional baseball teams in history. Read more

The Best Summer Activities in Chicago

Although Chicago’s frigid breezes may have won the city its nickname “the windy city”, it’s an attractive summer destination for tourists from all corners of the world. With its distinctive vibrancy and rich culture, Chicago offers a ton of amazing festivals, beach activities, and culturally enriching experiences during the summer season. If you’re planning a trip to this world class destination, you’ll want to make sure you’ve organized everything in advance. Arrange your Chicago airport transfer or airport car service, book your stays, and most importantly - plan your activities during your stay. Read more

Essential Chicago Summer Festivals 2022

Summer is slowly rolling around. The birds are chirping, the parks are green, and the sun is shining against a backdrop of azure blue skies. There’s no better chance to take advantage of the amazing weather than to head outdoors and enjoy some equally amazing music with some of Chicago’s top summer festivals. Keep reading to find out more.Read more

Bus charter for a concert trip – A musical adventure

Chicago is an exciting and vibrant city with plenty of events and activities to explore and enjoy. It’s also one of the most popular locations for concerts, with major music events scheduled throughout the whole year. If you’re planning to travel to Chicago for a concert, one of the best ways to enjoy your time and make the most of your concert trip is by hiring bus charter services. Read more

Coach bus rental for your sports team - how to find the best deal?

It’s the nature of professional and semi-professional sports teams to travel to destinations where they can compete against other teams. Whether it’s a youth club, a university team, dance performers, or any other sport, a coach would need to ensure that their entire team gets to their destination on time every time. Choosing a coach bus rental for your sports team will be one of the things that needs to be organized. But how do you find the best deal? First, let’s look at some of the reasons why you’d want to choose a coach bus rental for your sports team. Read more

Key differences between a driver and a chauffeur service - insights from Chicago

Most people have probably used a bus charter service at least once. It might have been a ride from the airport to the hotel or maybe tour transportation with charter buses. That trip would not be possible without the person behind the wheel driving from point A to point B. Essentially those are the professionals representing the face of every transportation company and the ones passengers interact with the most. They can be either regular drivers or professional chauffeurs. And in this article, we will explain why and how this is different. Read more