For those of you looking for the right mode of road transportation for your group travel needs, this post covers what a minibus is. In addition, you’ll soon find out how this vehicle differs from a van, what its uses and advantages are, as well as how you can book your next trip for you and your group through Bus Connection. So, keep reading to find out more!

What is the definition of a minibus?

With the great variety in road transportation options available on our transportation networks today, some among you may be wondering what is a mini bus. A definition of a minibus is that it is a type of vehicle that has a particular size. 

In essence, if you are curious about sizes and in particular, how long is a mini bus, it is worth noting that lengths are approximately 23’, widths are around 7’4”, and heights are approximately 8’9”. These are the average mini bus dimensions which contribute to the minibus size

But because they fit somewhere in the middle of the range of road vehicles available, being larger than a car and smaller than a bus, in terms of the question how many seats on a minibus, you’re looking at around 12 to 24 passengers.

How is a minibus different from a van?

You may be thinking that a minibus and a van should be quite similar in terms of appearance and the number of passengers they carry. But there are some fundamental differences between minibus transportation vs van transportation. 

Let’s take a look at some of the differences below:

  • Passengers: vans can generally carry between 12 to 15 people, while mibuses can carry up to 25.
  • Length and width: in addition, vans tend to be shorter and narrower than minibuses, leaving less space for passengers and their luggage. 
  • Wheels: while a van has single rear wheels, those on a minibus are generally double, resulting in greater safety and control. In addition, while vans have standard van construction, minibuses have steel cage construction, making them safer options.
  • Seats: minibus seats are in the “bucket” style and are therefore more comfortable than the van’s “bench” style seats.
  • Aisle: the aisle on a van is along the curbside while on a minibus it is a center aisle.
  • Interior headroom: the interior headroom in a van is shorter than a minibus at 52”, whereas a minibus has headroom of around 74”.
  • First step: there’s also a difference in terms of the first step that a passenger would put their foot on when entering the vehicle with the higher the height, the more difficult to step up. As such, a van’s first step is around 22” high and a minibus’ first step is around 11.5” high. 
  • Entry-assist handles: finally, although vans typically do not offer entry-assist handles, minibuses do for both left and right-hand users.

What are the uses of a minibus?

The uses of a mini bus are extensive and they can help a broad group of people organize comfortable and convenient travel. As such, they offer great passenger transport options for different sized groups and they also feature a variety of amenities and functionalities to help make travel more comfortable and pleasant. Among these amenities that we at Bus Connection offer include the following:

  • 24 passengers
  • A black exterior
  • Leather reclining seats with seat belts
  • Arm rests and LED reading lights
  • AC & heat central air system
  • PA system
  • AM/FM radio and CD player
  • Flat screen monitors and a DVD player
  • Separate luggage compartment
  • Overhead storage
  • Uniformed chauffeur

What are the advantages of chartering a minibus?

Hiring a small minibus as a charter service is ideal for smaller groups of passengers. This option is perfect whether you are choosing a minibus for short- or long-distance travel. Because of the minibús’ separated luggage compartment and overhead storage, you and the passengers in your group can enjoy comfortable and relaxing travel, no matter your destination. 

How to find and rent a minibus

If you are looking to rent a small mini bus, you’ve come to the right place because we at Bus Connection offer convenient, safe, and comfortable travel for your specific occasion. Whether it’s a sports event, a concert, a wedding, or corporate travel for your team, we’ve got you covered. 

You can simply reach out to us to book your minibus by calling or book online through the form on our website. Just leave the details of your trip on the form – such as your destination, dates, and the number of passengers – and you’ll get an instant quote from us, which you can then use to book your service.