What is a Coach Bus?

The world of transportation offers a lot of variety. And with continuous developments in motorized vehicles, it may be hard to keep track of everything. This is especially true for those who are wondering about what sets a motor bus apart from a coach bus. So, if you’re curious about what is a coach bus, this post is for you. 

Here, we cover what sets this bus apart from others, how to choose the right one for your needs, the different types of coach buses, how to go about renting one, and of course, what amenities these buses offer. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a coach bus?

When it comes to the question of what’s a coach bus, it’s important to distinguish these from public bus transportation types in terms of several characteristics. A coach bus or a charter bus is a type of bus with a special and specific destination in mind, designed for large groups that are traveling long distances.

In addition, you may be wondering what does a coach bus look like and on the exterior, it is almost the same size as a regular public bus. However, it has a raised floor to make space for the undercarriage luggage compartments and it usually has only one door toward the front. Meanwhile, regarding how long is a coach bus, they are usually standard length and come at around 39’4”.

In terms of the inside of a coach bus, there are many differences, too. For example, a coach bus interior usually has a seating configuration of two rows of seats on either side of an aisle. In addition to this, the bus is designed for passenger comfort (for more on this, keep reading below). And apart from the luxuries and amenities, the interior of a coach bus also has a private restroom as well as overhead luggage compartments.

How to choose the right coach bus for your needs

There are several factors to consider when you choose a coach travel bus for your group’s long-distance journey. Among these, it is worth remembering that for starters, you need to know that there is sufficient space for your group. 

In terms of our full-size motor coaches at Bus Connection, which fit up to 56 passengers, you can rest assured that your group will travel in luxury, style, and comfort. 

Another factor to consider is the amenities on the bus itself. While we cover these in more detail below, the most standard features that you can expect on a motorcoach bus are a private restroom, spacious, reclining seats, and other features and functionalities to make travel as comfortable as possible. 

Finally, when organizing large-group travel, you also need to determine what your travel budget is beforehand so that you choose the best travel option to suit your needs and budget.

What are the different types of coach buses?

Having covered the question of what is a motorcoach, it’s time to look at the different types of coach vehicles that the industry and which we at Bus Connection offer so that you can choose the most appropriate vehicle for your group’s travel needs. Below is a list of just some of the types of coach buses you can choose from and their unique defining characteristics:

  • Executive mini coach bus: the Bus Connection executive mini coach bus is perfect for small and medium-sized groups that go up to 24 passengers in total. The bus’ exterior is black and suits all occasions while looking professional. Each seat is made of leather and reclines as well as offers seat belts for every passenger’s safety. Further to this, the seats have armrests and LED reading lights, while the temperature in the interior of the bus is controlled through an AC & Heat Central Air System. Take advantage of our PA system for announcements or entertainment or enjoy the flat screen monitors and a DVD player. This coach bus has a separate luggage compartment in addition to overhead storage, An AM/FM radio and CD player, and your entire journey will be made so much more safer by your professional, experienced, and highly trained uniformed chauffeur.
  • Executive coach bus: the executive coach bus is another type of coach bus that we offer, seating up to 35 passengers with rear luggage and 39 without. With the black exterior and leather reclining seats with seat belts as well as armrests and LED reading lights, your journey in comfort starts now. But that’s not all. With the interior temperature being controlled by an AC & Heat Central Air System, passengers will enjoy the scenery or just rest and enjoy the drive. The executive coach bus also offers a PA system, flat screen monitors and a DVD player, overhead storage,  an AM/FM radio, and CD player, and the journey will be spearheaded by your very own Bus Connection uniformed chauffeur. 
  • Full-size motor coach bus: for even larger groups, the full-size motor coach can seat up to 56 passengers, who can enjoy their journey while being seated on cloth adjustable seats with seat belts. There is an AC & Heat Central Air System to manage the internal temperature, while the PA system, monitors, and DVD player are there to keep you and your group entertained. As for luggage, every passenger can bring a suitcase that will be stored in the undercarriage luggage compartment, while there is also overhead storage for smaller items. This bus is equipped with an  AM/FM radio and CD player and what sets this bus apart from others is that it has a private restroom. In addition, Wi-Fi is available upon request for an additional fee. And to make the journey safe and pleasant, you will be in the capable hands of a uniformed chauffeur.

How to rent a coach bus

Every coach bus company has its own requirements for coach bus rentals. And in our experience, we have observed that choosing a reputable charter bus company with extensive market experience is your best bet going forward. Once you’ve chosen which charter or coach bus company you will go for, you also need to understand the rental process. This means asking all the questions you have to gain more clarity about your travel needs and your service provider’s ability to meet them. 

After having explored the different coach bus rental options, we recommend that you accompany your research process by ensuring that apart from booking safe and comfortable travel on your journey, you also book comfortable accommodation for you and your group to ensure that all your planning is as careful as possible and to ensure it meets your group’s travel expectations.

What amenities are typically available on a coach bus?

Wondering do coach busses have Wi-Fi? What about the question do coach busses have outlets? As promised, we now turn to the amenities available on a full-size coach bus and cover all your questions below. 

Firstly, when it comes to Wi-Fi, this can be made available to you and the group you are traveling with, for an additional fee. As for whether coach buses have outlets – the answer is a resounding “yes” with USB outlets to keep your electronics fully charged and enable you to enjoy your journey in greater comfort. 

Of course, that’s not all. That’s because with a full-size motor coach bus, you will also be able to take advantage of the following facilities and functionalities to make your journey even more enjoyable:

  • A private restroom
  • Luggage storage space in the overhead and undercarriage compartment.
  • Comfortable seating arrangements with seat belts for safer travel
  • Air conditioning and climate control, and
  • Entertainment options such as a PA system, flat screen monitors and a DVD player, AM/FM radio and a CD player, etc.