So, you are visiting relatives in Chicago? Welcome to our beautiful city. Spending time with your family is always a good thing, especially if you haven’t seen them for a long time. In this article, we are going to cover several tips that will make your stay more than amazing. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider these four things important, but they matter. Starting with airport transportation in Chicago to the presents you are going to pick out. 

Don’t go for a surprise visit

Some people consider surprise visits something good. And they are – when they fit in the schedule of the relatives that you are visiting. It is better to give notice to your family when you are going to travel. Consider that it might not be a good time. They can be planning a trip themselves or doing some repair works around the house. If they are aware of your visit, they can plan something special and be prepared. If you show on the door unannounced, chances are that it can backfire and cause tension. If you are determined to surprise them, at least consult your idea with a member of the family you are visiting and plan the whole thing together. 

Combine the trip with an important family event

Every family visit is better when there is a proper occasion to celebrate. It might be Christmas or the birthday of the sister you are visiting. In this way, the whole experience will be more enjoyable for you and them. Family events are a great chance to catch up, go down memory lane and spend quality time together. Those are the moments when relatives are appreciated the most. And if you haven’t seen yours in a long time, we strongly recommend that you choose such an occasion.

Consider Chicago airport transportation 

When you land in Chicago, it is best to book airport charter services. Sure, your relatives will ask to come and pick you up. However, we advise that you save them the trip and time. It will be better to arrive straight to their home, rather than having someone from the family drive you. That will give them more time to prepare, and imagine that your flight arrives at a time that is not suitable for them. Cover this one yourself. Imagine the scenario – the charter service leaves you in front of the house, and everyone is waiting for you at the dinner table. We can hardly imagine a better welcome! 

Prepare and bring gifts

You know how they all say – don’t bring gifts, that is okay. Do not listen to them. Everyone loves presents. Young children – the most. You don’t have to show up as Santa Clause, but prepare even small gifts that everyone will love. A baseball hat for the husband, something nice that is suitable for his wife – a book maybe. For the children – speak with their parents. Candy, toys, or clothes can be options that work. Just don’t get them a pony or a pet. You will probably never be invited to visit again. 

Leave your schedule empty

Don’t plan anything before you visit your relatives. There is a very good chance that they have a plan for your stay. They will probably want to take you around Chicago and show you the landmarks, spend quality time with you and even go out for drinks. It won’t be wise to have some plans of your own before hearing what they have in store for you. Leave your schedule blank. Family comes first – if you want to catch up with some old friends in the city, speak with them after you know the plans of your relatives. 

Visiting Chicago is always a nice experience. When you combine it with a family visit it is awesome. Make sure that you enjoy your stay but think of all the little details before you get on the plane to fly in.