Transportation Services for Sports Teams – 5 Things They Miss When Hiring

Today any sports team has to look for transportation services. They might be needed when you travel to an away game, or if you need to give your fans recommendations about bus transportation services. In this article, we are going to focus on five important things that sports teams miss when they hire a transportation company in Chicago. 

Finding transportation services that leave room for luggage

When a sports team travels there is a ton of luggage with them. All of this has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, many companies that offer bus transportation services don’t consider that. The result of this can be that there won’t be enough space and the players and staff will be stuck together in tight space for the period of the whole trip. This is everything but comfortable. Remember to ask for extra luggage room when you look for charter buses or vans. 

Check the cancellation policy of the bus transportation services

Sometimes you are forced to cancel your trip. The game might be canceled due to bad weather or something else. There might be changes in the schedule of the games and many other reasons why you don’t get to travel. Remember to consult this with the company offering you transportation services. The best option is to be able to cancel without any compensation that you have to pay. If that is not possible, look for a cancellation policy with a reasonable amount. 

Transportation Services

Finding a transportation company in Chicago from recommendation

It would be great to find bus transportation services that some other sports teams used and are happy with. While doing your research on hiring a bus charter company, check if some of the coaches or staff of other sports teams can recommend some transportation services they have used soon. In that way, you can save some time and have an option that already has experience in sports team transportation. 

Check if the fans are traveling with you

In many cases, not that many fans are coming to the away games of the teams. If you have some seats that remain empty, you can invite some of the supporters to join you. It will be an amazing experience for them and it can boost the motivation of the team. 

Plan some activities during the trip

Of course, sometimes the players just want to focus and travel in peace. However, there are times when the bus ride is the perfect time to have some fun activities to boost morale – telling jokes or even doing an improvised karaoke. If you want to be focused on the game ahead, you can talk about tactics or give some motivational speech to the team. The choice is yours.

If you are looking for transportation services for your sports team, feel free to give us a call. We have 14 years of experience providing outstanding charter services in the state of Illinois. With Bus Connection your team is one step closer to victory!