“At Bus Connection, we do not sell just transportation. We sell professional service, experience and lasting memories.”

Today in this article, you will take a unique inside look at charter buses. We sat down with Ves Nedev, President of Bus Connection to see his vision of the perfect bus charter company. With over 15 years of experience in the limosine and charter bus industry. Ves built this successful company from the ground up and introduced his own innovation, style and commitment to service that is impacting the bus charter industry. Today, we will discuss the concept of the perfect bus charter company with him. 


Before you book the services of a bus charter company, always check the safety rating. This is public record information that you can find easily. In that way, you can ensure the company you hire is responsible and reliable. You can review the safety rating of any bus charter company on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

“When you offer charter bus services, you are responsible for keeping people safe. It’s our priority to maintain a high standard in the field and always try to push the limits in bus charter transportation. Safety is our number one priority.”  Vess Nedev

Great Guest Service

The difference between good and great comes down to providing outstanding guest service. Many companies offer bus charter services, but only a very few look beyond getting from point A to point B and being truly committed to proper guest care. This is done by providing exceptional guest service training and by meeting face to face with our chauffeurs to help them understand how to best communicate with clients and to better understand our clients’ needs. Guest feedback reports are very important in this regard, and are reviewed with the team. This is how a company gets better and better.

“I tell my chauffeurs that we are not just a transportation company. Exceptional chauffeur service is the cherry on top for us. We operate 24/7, are more knowledgeable and experienced, and we offer great guest care. I do not want to own just another charter bus  company.  Our goal is for guests to enjoy every minute of their trip. At Bus Connection, we treat every  guest like family. We are all one big family – me, our team, and our guests”. Vess Nedev

Experience and Knowledge

The Bus Connection team has extensive experience and knowledge about the specific needs of each guest and every group. Our team collectively has decades of experience in the chartered transportation industry. We are a talented and knowledgeable group of transportation professionals. 

“It is about anticipating the guests’ needs, addressing those needs, and giving additional added value. We are not just another bus charter service.”, the President of Bus Connection said. 

Flexibility, Availability, and Top-notch Vehicles

When you book a charter with Bus Connection, you will find us to be flexible, accommodating to your needs and available when you need us. Looking for a business with good reviews and 24/7 availability is important to many people. The quality of the vehicles for hire is also a factor – Bus connection guests ride in style and comfort. 

In summary, the Bus Connection team is constantly and consistently listening to our guests’ feedback, investing in top-notch late model vehicles, and has the best team in the industry. 

“Our goal is to create an awesome  experience and lasting memories for each and every Bus Connection guest. From the moment guests step into our vehicles to the time we arrive safely  at their destination, they will receive amazing guest service and be happy they entrusted us to be a part of their journey. Thank you for being part of our family. “

Vess Nedev, President