If you’re a baseball fan and you happen to find yourself in Chicago this summer, you’re in for a treat. The Chicago White Sox are here to entertain you and put you in a good mood during the various upcoming games. But if you’re new to baseball in Chicago and you’d like to find out more, learning about the White Sox is crucial. Stick around to find out more about one of Chicago’s top teams, their upcoming summer schedule, and learn why it’s important to have a professional partner when it comes to transportation in Chicago, especially if it’s for your favourite baseball game.

A little bit more about the team

The White Sox have been around for over a century and if you’re just getting into baseball now, here are some important things you need to know.

  • Name and origins

Established as a major league baseball club in 1900, this baseball team was initially known as the White Stockings before newspapers shortened the second part of the name to “Sox” in order to fit it in the headlines. As a result, in 1904, the Chicago White Sox name was formally adopted and has stayed with the team to this day. The White Sox is one of two Chicago major baseball league teams, along with the Cubs.

  • Home field details

The White Sox’ home ground is the Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago and they’ve played there since 1991. It is located on the South Side of Chicago. But prior to this, they played at SouthSide Park and Comiskey Park since 1901. The site for Guaranteed Rate Field was chosen adjacent to Comiskey Park and construction began in May 1989. It lasted two years and on opening day on 18 April 1991, Governor Thompson ”threw the ceremonial first pitch as the White Sox battled the Detroit Tigers.” On that day, over 42,000 fans filled the field.

  • White Sox mascot after using transportation in ChicagoMascot

For a 30-year period from 1961 until 1991, Chicago resident Andrew Rozdilsky performed as the unofficial yet popular mascot “Andy the Clown” for the White Sox. He became well-known for his elongated “Go you White Sox” battle cry. Rozdilsky got his start as the mascot after some of his friends invited him to a Sox game in 1960. Deciding to wear his clown costume and entertain fans, he received such a positive response that he won free tickets during 1961 and decided to wear his costume to all the games. Park ushers eventually offered Rozdilsky free admission. But his status would be challenged.

In 1981, the new ownership group led by Jerry Reinsdorf introduced a twosome, called Ribbie and Roobarb, as the official team mascots. Rozdilsky was banned from performing in the lower seating level. However, due to Ribbie and Roobarb’s unpopularity, and their term ended in 1988. Unfortunately for Andy the Clown, he was not allowed to perform in the new Comiskey Park when it opened in 1991.

  • Owner and management

Jerry Reinsdorf – an American billionaire businessman – is the owner of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and MLB’s Chicago White Sox. Although his professional life began as a tax attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, he entered the sport industry and has been the owner of the White Sox and Bulls for over 35 years.

As for the management or field coach, this role is currently being filled by Tony La Russa. He was re-hired on 29 October 2020 although his first managerial term with the team took place from 1979 until 1986. It is noteworthy that since the inception of the team in 1901, 40 different managers have been employed.

  • Worldwide wins

The Chicago White Sox have had some memorable wins under their belts during their century-long career. For example, in the 1917 World Series, the Sox beat the New York Giants four games to two. This particular Series was played against the backdrop of World War I. Nevertheless, the club finished the 1917 season with a 100–54 record. This is considered their first and only 100-win season in franchise history as of 2014. The Sox’s next World Series winner in 2005 finished the regular season with a 99–63 record.

  • Jim ThomeTop historical players

Numerous White Sox players have made it into the historical Hall of Fame. Some of them are: Minnie Minoso, Frank Thomas, Tony LaRussa, Jim Thome, Roberto Alomar, Luis Aparicio, Luke Appling, Harold Baines, Chief Bender, Steve Carlton, Eddie Collins, and Charles Comiskey. Others include: George Davis, Larry Doby, Hugh Duffy, Johnny Evers, Red Faber, Carlton Fisk, and Nellie Fox. There are also around 24 others who have been bestowed with that honour, including current manager, Tony La Russa.

Summer schedule

July is a jam-packed month that sees the White Sox up against the Giants, Twins, Tigers, Guardians, Rockies, Athletics as well as the AL All-Stars and NL All-Stars . While most of the games will be at the iconic Guaranteed Rate Field, others will be away at distant locations. On the home front in August, you can expect to see them face the Royals, Rangers, Tigers, Astros, Guardians, Orioles, and D-Backs.

In closing

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