If you’re planning to visit Chicago for the first time, there’s so much to cover. There are a ton of attractive landscapes and cultural spots, sandy beaches, thrilling summer festivals and concerts, and of course – vibrant restaurants and bars. But you’re also in for a treat if you’re into sports. And when talking about Chicago and sports, it’s impossible not to mention the Chicago Cubs – one of the most famous professional baseball teams in history. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Chicago Cubs (in case you haven’t heard of them) and we’ll share with you their summer schedule. If you’re a baseball fan traveling to Chicago, you’d certainly want to have these dates in mind.

All you need to know about the Chicago Cubs

Let’s start from the basics. We already mentioned that the Chicago Cubs are one of America’s most popular baseball teams. They compete in the MLB and are part of the NL Central division. The club’s home games are hosted at “The friendly confines” of  Wrigley Field,  where true baseball fans gather to support their favorite players.  

But perhaps the true Chicago Cubs fans know that the team didn’t always go by this name. The Chicago Cubs started as the White Stockings and joined the National League in 1876 with this name. During its first years, the Cubs finished first in the league six times proving their abilities and the dedication of their players. In 1902, they changed their name again, to the Colts, and then again – to the Orphans. However, they soon became popularly known as the Cubs because of their players, who were mostly young. 

The Cubs started off as a reference name for the team used by The Chicago Daily News, but it stuck to become the official name used today. In 1907, the team won their first World Series title with a four-game win. The following year, their success story repeated and they won their second World Series. 

However, from 1929, the Cubs experienced a period marked by losses. This period continued until 1967 when the team once again enjoyed a winning season. It wasn’t until 2016 that the curse of the Chicago Cubs was broken and they won their first World Series in 108 years against the Cleveland Indians in an exciting 7 game series.

Some of the top Chicago Cubs players of all time

Although the team has seen a multitude of professional and highly skilled baseball players, there are a few that truly stand out. Certain players from the Cubs will always be remembered by fans for their glorious achievements and impeccable games. Some of these names from the early years include Hack Wilson, who dramatically influenced the Windy City in six seasons. In 1930, he led the league with 56 home runs and 191 runs batted in. Others, like Frank Chance, who contributed to including the Cubs in 4 World Series, or  Hall of Fame star Fergie Jenkins, who is still known as the greatest starting pitcher, having pitched more complete games than any pitcher in modern baseball history and  and six-20 win seasons in a row and was a great home run hitter as well. These are are butu a few legendary star players for the Chicago Cubs!

Ron Santo is another MLB Hall of Fame baseball player for the Chicago Cubs, who gathered 2,171 hits and 337 home runs during his time with the team. The player was elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.  But perhaps the greatest Cubs player of all time is Ernie Banks (Mister Cub) – a life-long Cub. He spent 19 years with the Cubs. In 14 of these years, Ernie Banks was a fan favorite for the Cubs for years. A true Hall of Fame star. 

The Chicago Cubs’ games are always exciting and thrilling, even for those who are not dedicated baseball fans.. Be sure to check out Statue Row with Hall of Fame heroes Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams and the newest addition, Fergie Jenkins.

The Chicago Cubs summer schedule

The good news is that the Cubs have plenty of  games throughout baseball season in Chicago. If you’re planning a summer trip to the Windy City, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to feel the excitement of watching a Cubs game live. 

Here is the summer schedule for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field:


  • 12th of July – Orioles – 7:05
  • 13th of July – Orioles – 7:05
  • 14th of July – Mets – 7:05
  • 15th of July – Mets – 1:20
  • 16th of July – Mets – 1:20
  • 17th of July – Mets – 1:20
  • 25th of July – Pirates – 7:05
  • 26th of July – Pirates – 1:20


  • 5th of August – Marlins – 1:20
  • 6th of August – Marlins – 1:20
  • 7th of August – Marlins – 1:20
  • 8th of August – Nationals – 7:05
  • 9th of August – Nationals – 7:05
  • 10th of August – Nationals – 1:20
  • 19th of August – Brewers – 1:20
  • 20th of August – Brewers – 1:20
  • 21th of August – Brewers – 1:20
  • 22th of August – Cardinals – 7:05
  • 19th of August – Cardinals – 1:20 & 7:05
  • 19th of August – Cardinals – 7:05
  • 19th of August – Cardinals – 1:20


  • 6th of September – Reds – 6:40
  • 7th of September – Reds – 6:40
  • 8th of September – Reds – 1:20
  • 9th of September – Giants – 3:05
  • 10th of September – Giants – 1:20
  • 11th of September – Giants – 1:20
  • 16th of September – Rockies – 1:20
  • 17th of September – Rockies – 1:20
  • 18th of September – Rockies – 1:20
  • 27th of September – Phillies – 6:40
  • 28th of September – Phillies – 6:40
  • 29th of September – Phillies – 1:20
  • 30th of September – Phillies – 1:20

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