There are many different kinds of airport transportation. Most of the people flying in are wondering if they should hire an airport shuttle service or charter transportation to pick them up from Midway or O’Hare. In this article, we are going to cover the pros and cons of each option and help you in making your decision. 


It is very important to know that you can rely on transportation that is in line with your schedule. Sometimes the flights arrive quite late and there are limited available options to book. While airport shuttles work with a strict schedule, companies that provide charter services like Bus Connection are on the clock 24/7. This provides a more convenient option related to your schedule and means that you don’t have to wait. 

Bus Charter customer service 

You might think that it is just a transportation service but it should be much more. When it comes to airport transportation you don’t have to be just taken from point A to point B. And this is what most airport shuttle service companies do. For us at Bus Connection customer care is on top of the list. Our professional chauffeurs treat our passengers like we are welcoming a family member back to Chicago. We know that you had a long and exhausting flight and we will take you home safely and in complete comfort. 

You will be alone for the ride

When you use the airport shuttle service there is a good chance that some other people will travel with you. And that might not always be a pleasant experience. When you choose to book charter services you can outline that you want to be alone for the ride. During Covid-19 times this is an important consideration that must be taken into account. Besides – you won’t have to listen to people talking loudly and can make your plans for what to do in Chicago during your trip to the hotel. 

Comfort during your trip

After a long flight, you want to feel comfortable. As we all know, the seats on the planes are not providing enough space and this can lead to some unpleasant experience. All the vehicles in our fleet provide comfort and enough space for you to feel good. You might even fall asleep while we drive you home or to your hotel. 

Some other things you should consider when choosing between airport shuttle or bus charter: 

  • Prices; 
  • Safety rating; 
  • How big your group is.

When you put together all the variables you will be able to make the best decision for your situation. If you choose to hire a bus charter company, feel free to contact us. With our 14 years of experience, we are the best choice for airport transportation for Chicago.