Summer has already started, but luckily there are a few more months to enjoy the warm temperatures, the sandy beaches, and sunny days in Chicago. The city is a top travel destination during the summer for many reasons, but one of them is, without a doubt, its diverse range of music concerts. So buckle-up and let’s get your Chicago concert transportation organized.

Eight of the best concerts in Chicago happening this summer

Chicago attracts a multitude of local and global performers every summer, offering tourists and visitors one more reason to stick around. If you’re planning a trip to Chicago this summer and you’re always excited about a music concert, keep reading. We’ll share with you eight of the top concerts taking place in Chicago this summer.

1. The Cult 

One of the upcoming Chicago concerts this summer that a lot of locals and city visitors are excited about is The Cult. Taking place on the 12th of July at the Riviera Theatre, you may still be able to find tickets priced between $155 and $599. Since its formation in 1983, the English rock band has gone through a multitude of line-ups, with its longest-serving members being the eminent Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy. If you’re into rock music with a slight goth notion, you’re in for a treat.

2. Shawn Mendes 

Just three days after The Cult’s concert, fans of pop, pop-rock, teen-pop or soft-rock music will be able to enjoy one of the most popular names in these genres with Shawn Mendes. Singing on the 15th of July at Allstate Arena, the Canadian singer will touch his fans’ senses with his distinctive strong, yet smooth voice, with impressive capabilities of hitting those high notes. Tickets start at $111 and span all the way to $5,000.

3. Tiesto 

If you’ve been to the Shawn Mendes concert and you’d like to get a full music experience with other genres, you can also get your tickets for the Tiesto concert in Chicago on the 17th of July at PRYSM Nightclub. Compared to other ticket prices from this list of concerts, Tiesto offers a much more affordable price, starting at $169 and going up to $289. Tiesto was voted “the Greatest DJ of All Time” and certainly offers an experience that is worth trying at least once in a lifetime. With a diverse set of trance, house, and electro playlists, he creates a brilliant atmosphere and takes the mind to a whole new level.

4. The Weeknd 

If you’re travelling to Chicago during July and you’re into Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B genres, you’ll definitely want to be around for one of the most awaited concerts. On the  24th of July, The Weeknd will be singing at Soldier Field, with tickets starting from $76 and going all the way up to $5,017. If you manage to land your ticket earlier, chances are higher of finding a good deal on ticket prices. 

5. Elton John 

Moving on to August concerts, one of the first ones we want to grab your attention towards is the Elton John concert taking place on the 5th of August at Soldier Field. Elton John is famous for his ability to create a perfect symbiosis between rock and pop. The 75-year-old singer, pianist, and composer has held top positions in the music industry since the release of his first single in 1972. His concerts are undoubtedly shows that have a lot to offer. You can find tickets ranging from $76 to $11,550.

6. Lady Gaga

Another world-famous name from the music space is visiting Chicago this summer for an unforgettable concert – Lady Gaga. The American singer-songwriter, performance artist, and actress will be performing on the 15th of August at Wrigley Field, with tickets being sold from $160 and reaching $10,000. Fans always expect surprises from Lady Gaga. She’s well-known for her flashy costumes and love for multiple genres, like electronic dance music, country, R&B, electropop, and more.

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers 

One of the world’s favorite American rock bands will also be making Chicago’s summer even more amazing than it already is. The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be having their concert on the 19th of August at Soldier Field, with ticket prices starting from $107 and some of the most expensive ones reaching $13,546. Prepare for a crazy and vibrant night full of alternative rock, funk, punk rock, hip hop, and other genres. As one of the best-selling bands of all time, Red Hot Chili Peppers are not to be missed out on if you’re in the city.

8. Alicia Keys 

If you’re into R&B and Soul music, you have the opportunity to see one of the queens in the space perform live on the 23rd of August at Pavilion at Northerly Island. There are few people on the planet who haven’t heard of Alicia Keys and haven’t been touched by her piano skills and angelic voice. As a two-time host of The Grammys, a singer-songwriter, and composer, this multi-talented performer will be coming to Chicago this summer to raise the temperatures. Tickets start at $74 and reach $752.

Closing thoughts 

If you’re organizing your trip to Chicago this summer, make sure to synchronize your travel dates with your favorite performers and get your concert tickets in advance. Summer is just about to get even better. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about being stuck in traffic, getting lost, or wasting time on the road. At Bus Connection, we offer coach buses and a wide range of bus transportation services suitable for families, friends, and small or large groups. We’re here to ensure that your trip to Chicago is something you’ll always remember with a smile on your face.