When you plan your summer holiday you have to consider many things. Hotels, plane tickets, planning your free time during the trip, and of course – airport transfers. Airport transportation is a small but vital part of your vacation but if it goes bad it can ruin your experience. In this article, we are going to talk about several things that can turn any airport charter service into an experience you want to forget. Look for them in the customer reviews before you choose your airport transportation. 

Bad chauffeur service during the airport transfers

Many airport transfers are ruined by bad chauffeur service. After all, the people driving you to your hotel are one of the first to welcome you to the destination you are visiting. If they are impolite to you or don’t help you with your luggage it will be a bad sign. Some chauffeurs forget that the customer is important and act like they are riding alone. Many people describe their experiences with bad chauffeurs in reviews online. If you see some of those be sure to avoid airport transportation companies that tolerate such things.

AC not working in the vehicle for airport transportation

In the summer the weather will be hot. After the long flight, you want to get into a vehicle with a working AC. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some companies that offer airport transportation services don’t bother to look if everything is running smoothly and if the AC in the vehicles work. It is an option to get the windows open but that will make things noisy and the trip even more unpleasant. To avoid such a bad experience kindly remind the bus charter company that you expect the AC to be working and refer to a previous bad experience. They will be warned and you can demand a refund or at least a discount. 

Not enough room for you and your luggage

Sometimes when the airport transportation is for more people (like in the airport shuttle – something we don’t recommend) you might not have enough space for your luggage. In some cases, the space can be not enough even for the people using these types of airport transfers. You can avoid this potential bad experience if you hire an airport transportation charter service and tell them if you have any extra luggage with you. In that way, they will be prepared to send a big enough vehicle so you can enjoy a ride in comfort. 

No option for airport transfers available

If your plane lands early in the morning or late at night it is possible that there won’t be any options for airport transportation at all. This means you might have to overpay for a taxi or even wait at the airport until there is transportation. And this is something that can give a bad start to the vacation you were looking forward to. This is why when you book your airport transfer you should search for a company that operates 24/7 and can be at the airport at any time you request. 

The charter bus is dirty 

A sight you don’t want to see is a dirty vehicle that is used for airport transportation. Unfortunately, some companies that offer such services don’t maintain a clean and tidy fleet. It can be frustrating to see dirty windows, seats with spots on them, or even an empty bag of chips on the floor. The good news is that you can sort out such companies by the reviews of the customers online. 

Risky driving 

This is something that does not happen very often. However, sometimes your chauffeur can be driving in a way that you find risky. He or she can be going over the speed limit, turning at high speed. This can cause discomfort and even make some passengers sick. In the worst-case scenario, there is even the chance of getting into a traffic accident. The good news is that you can check the safety rating of any airport transportation company in the database of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

If you want to have enjoyable airport transfers be sure to do your research in advance and find the best company possible. If you are flying into Chicago and are looking for a trusted partner for any type of bus charter services, be sure to give us a call