Chicago Cubs Summer Schedule

If you’re planning to visit Chicago for the first time, there’s so much to cover. There are a ton of attractive landscapes and cultural spots, sandy beaches, thrilling summer festivals and concerts, and of course - vibrant restaurants and bars. But you’re also in for a treat if you’re into sports. And when talking about Chicago and sports, it’s impossible not to mention the Chicago Cubs - one of the most famous professional baseball teams in history. Read more

The Best Summer Activities in Chicago

Although Chicago’s frigid breezes may have won the city its nickname “the windy city”, it’s an attractive summer destination for tourists from all corners of the world. With its distinctive vibrancy and rich culture, Chicago offers a ton of amazing festivals, beach activities, and culturally enriching experiences during the summer season. If you’re planning a trip to this world class destination, you’ll want to make sure you’ve organized everything in advance. Arrange your Chicago airport transfer or airport car service, book your stays, and most importantly - plan your activities during your stay. Read more

transportation services in chicago

How to find the best transportation services for tourists in Chicago?

If you are visiting Chicago in the summer months, we can only congratulate you on the good choice. The city offers a lot of interesting places to visit and activities that you can do with your family and friends. The nice weather brings out the best in Chicago and you can explore if you hire tour transportation services for your group. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and ideas on how to choose the perfect bus charter company for this in the best way possible. Read more

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How to pick the best transportation services company for your next tour?

Transportation services are something every band has to consider before going on tour. Having a small van to fit you and all the equipment sounds old-school and romantic. However, in today's world, it is way better to trust a professional company for this type of service. In this article, we are going to help you choose by providing some criteria that you should look for. 

Bus charter prices 

There are a lot of expenses before you go on tour. You have to plan your budget that will be enough for: 

  • Food and drinks; 
  • Hotel accommodation; 
  • Transportation services and others. 

This is why you should look for the best price-quality ratio. Yes, the price is an important factor, however, you need to be careful because in many cases cheap prices can mean a bad quality of the service. The good thing is that around Chicago there are a lot of bus charter companies to look for. However, check the prices and then go through the reviews from customers. That will give you the best insight. 

The flexibility of the company

There are not that many companies that can provide you with the option of transportation services for your tour. A truly flexible company will be: 

  • available 24/7;
  • be able to travel outside of the state of Illinois. 

Those are two very important factors you should consider when you review your options for charter bus charter companies. 

Proper charter busses for rent 

If you are going on tour you need to choose a company that has good enough vehicles. They should be new, clean, and have enough space for your instruments and luggage. When you browse through the websites of companies for transportation services check their fleet. There should be a dedicated page for their buses and vans. You can also check for pictures on social media. And be sure to check specially for this in the reviews on Google and Facebook. 

Experience in providing transportation services for bands

Look for companies that have provided charter buses for rent for other bands in the past. You want to work with professionals that have the needed experience and know what challenges and needs you have as musicians. Going on tour is stressful enough without having to worry about transportation-related issues as well. 

Before we part ways, we want to wish you luck on your upcoming tour! We are sure you are going to be great. If you are looking for a trusted partner for transportation services, you can always rely on us. Just give us a call or send us an email! 

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Why hiring charter buses for tour transportation is a good idea?

So you are planning to have a tourist trip around Chicago or Illinois? That is a great idea! The city and the state have a lot of sightseeing options to offer in any season of the year. When planning we recommend that you should consider hiring charter busses (or bus) for your trip. And in this article, we are going to tell you why that is a good idea. 

You are in charge of the schedule and the route

Remember, this is your trip. When you work with an agency they will tell you where to go and at what time. If you manage to organize your group, you will be in charge. Hire a bus charter, plan your schedule and route and make sure you have enough time to see everything that is important to you. In that way, you also get to be spontaneous when you want to go somewhere that was not part of the original plan. Or if you want to stop for a longer break. 

You can find charter bus suitable for the size of your group 

When you travel with an agency, it is likely that there will be other tourists as well. And this might not be a good thing. They can be noisy, they might want to rush to the next place on the list and ruin your experience. We recommend that you look for charter buses that are big enough for your group and hire one. In that way, it will be only people you know and want to travel with. 

bus charter

With bus charter, you don’t have to worry about driving 

Another practical reason. When you hire a bus charter service for tour transportation you don’t have to worry about someone from your group having to drive. In that way, you can enjoy your trip without thinking about traffic or where you have to park, etc. From a safety point of view, this also is the better choice because you will be driven around by an experienced chauffeur. With that being said - remember to check the safety rating of the company offering charter buses. 

With affordable charter buses for rent, you can hire a guide

If you manage to find a good deal on charter buses for rent, you can save some money that you can use for other things. Like hiring a professional guide for the trip. That will make the whole experience way better and for the same money. When you are looking for a bus charter service for tour transport, look for the best price-quality ratio. 

If you follow our tips, you are going to have an amazing time on your tour. If you are in need of a reliable and experienced company that offers charter buses for tour transportation just give us a call! We have 14 years of experience providing outstanding bus charter services for Chicago and the state of Illinois!

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The best places in Illinois that you can visit with bus charter

Yes, you can use a bus charter for tour transportation. It is an even more pleasant experience when you do it, friends. Imagine the scenario - you get together, get a charter bus in Chicago and then go all around the state of Illinois. This can be a cool idea for the free time of business delegation as well. In this article, we are going to share with you the best places to visit with bus charter in the whole state and will give you some tips on organizing the trip. 

Research the good companies for a charter bus in Chicago

Step one is doing your research. Know how many people you are going to be, what is your budget. How much time do you have available for this trip and make a list with the charter bus companies that look reliable. After that make a list of the sites you want to visit. Ask if the driver is familiar enough with the sites to give you some information, or if you should hire a guide. There are a lot of small details in planning that matter. 

Start with Chicago

There is a good chance that you will be renting a bus charter from Chicago. It makes sense to start with the city and then continue to other parts of the state. If there is an option, make it a two-day trip. One day for Chicago alone, and then one day for all the other places around Illinois. We have already mentioned what are the top attractions you should check out in the “Windy City". 

Next bus charter stop: Rockford and the Anderson gardens

There is a huge misunderstanding that only Chicago is worth seeing. If you could spare the time, the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford are a sight you don’t want to miss. However, it is only an option in the warm period of the year (between May and October). Many people claim that there is no better Japanese garden in the whole country. Maybe even the best in North America. 

The gardens of God in Shawnee National Forest

It sounds impressive. And it is. This is another outdoor experience and you have to coordinate with the charter bus companies to make the tour on a day with good weather. In the Shawnee National Forest (loved by many residents of Chicago) is located a unique rock formation called the “Gardens of God”. It offers a breathtaking view and a short forest trail that you can explore. When you visit with bus charter, make sure to check where is the closest parking available. 

The historical city of Galena

When you hire a charter bus in Chicago, the driver or the guide will most likely recommend that you stop by in Galena for some time. This lovely town has preserved its unique architecture from the 19th century when it was a major port in the area. Stop and go for a walk. It will feel like you are in another period in time.

When looking for the best charter bus companies don’t make any compromise. We at Bus Connection offer top-of-the-line bus charter service for tour transportation. We will do our best to provide you with an amazing experience and a trip you will never forget. Just give us a call and we can make it happen!


Planning family visit in the Chicago area for 2022? Here is what you need to see!

If you have included Chicago in your travel plans for next year we can only congratulate you. The city is perfect for a family visit and there is a lot to see and do. In this article, we are going to give you some insight into interesting upcoming events in 2022. Also, we are going to outline several places you must visit and some activities you should try while you are in Chicago. If your plan your stay with a nice hotel and proper tour transportation, you will have a great time!

Pick a season of your choosing

If you are about to discover Chicago with your family, you have to pick a season for that. We can vouge that the “windy city” is very beautiful at any time of the year. The sping is nice and green, the summer is not so hot and everything is beautiful. The autumn puts a rainy but quite a lovely mood as the trees are changing their coloring. The winter months are a continuous Christmas fairy tale. Depending on your preferences and reason for visiting, you should indeed choose the best time for you. And remember - there is no bad choice. Just several different good ones. And each will uniquely surprise you. 

Pick Chicago tours transport

If you are going for an interesting touristic experience, be sure to arrange proper tour transportation. If you need the full package, you can hire a local guide to give you updates on the interesting sights. Hiring this type of service has many benefits: 

  • You won’t waste time in searching for parking; 
  • Don’t have to worry about traffic; 
  • Have the benefit of being shown Chicago by locals.

When you consider the list of pros and cons, the good sides of having a planned tour are much more. You can check the options for such services and book in advance. 

Don’t miss the amazing events in 2022

In Chicago each year there are a lot of fantastic events that might be interesting for all. For sure we recommend visiting a Chicago Bulls game. Other interesting events in 2022 are: 

Of course, besides those, there are many more things to look forward to depending on the season. For example, each Christmas in Chicago is amazing. There are tons of fun winter activities to do. 

The most famous Chicago landmarks

Don’t miss out on the most famous tourists sights in Chicago! Plan your schedule well because usually, time is never enough to visit everything. Here are the ones you don’t want to skip:

  • The observation deck of Chicago;
  • Cloud gate;
  • The Loop;
  • Millenium park;
  • Garfield Park Conservatory;
  • The Buckingham Fountain; 
  • Navy Pier. 

We don’t mention any museums here because we believe that you should have a whole visit dedicated only to them. When we discover Chicago first we go over the landmarks, after that spent time in the galleries and museums. After all of this is done, we explore the city like locals. 

Activities you must try

Some of the things you must do in Chicago are unique for the city, while others are quite common. For sure, we recommend that you visit a basketball and baseball game just for the fun of it. Taking a walk and exploring the beautiful architecture is also a must. However, the thing you must do for sure is Chicago Riverwalk or take a boat trip along the Chicago River. If you do that you will be in love with the city forever. 

Chicago is a fantastic place for family visits. The city is beautiful and offers great experiences in any season of the year. Plan your trip and if you need tour transportation services or airport transportation, feel free to call us!

How to plan the free time of business delegation arriving in Chicago?

It is always great to have a business delegation over. This means a lot of potential business is being negotiated with the people that will travel to Chicago. They can be investors, clients, or government officials. One thing is for sure - you want to be at your best. That means taking care that everything goes perfectly and they are happy. An important part of that is how you plan the free time in their schedule. As a host, it is your responsibility to show them around and entertain them. And if you can pull that off, the business talks will go very smoothly. 

Outline the must-see destinations

If you have some important business guests coming over, it is common courtesy to show them around. It will be especially great for them to discover Chicago if they have never been to the city. Arrange the tour transportation in a way that will go through all the important landmarks and attractions. Remember to hire a guide and leave some time for group photos. Don't try to overdo it. It is better to have fewer stops for sightseeing and enjoying themselves rather than rushing from one stop to another. Take it easy and adapt to the rhythm of the group. 

Check the schedule of each person

Before you announce your plans for the free time, check with the delegation that is coming. Some people might have personal plans like visiting relatives. Others might be traveling with family and plan to stay longer. Check if they are available for the agenda you have in mind. Maybe some of them can participate in some things and not in others. Like coming to the networking cocktail but skipping the sightseeing with tour transportation. You can check if the business delegation as a whole has some other plans like going shopping instead of what you are offering. Adapt to the situation. 

Hire professionals for Chicago tours 

Don't improvise when you have a business delegation over. Have in mind and prepare a budget for hiring tour transportation for Chicago tours and a guide. Check if the members of the delegation speak English or you need to look for a guide that knows their language. These are the small things that make the difference. If the sightseeing trip will take more time, prepare water and some sandwiches (or other snacks). Adapt to the season and weather as well. It is not a good idea to be out on a bad or too hot day. When you hire professionals to help, you can focus more on the organization and less on stuff like where to park. 

Check for food allergies

Part of the free time is planning the menu as well. Before the delegation arrives, check if someone has any food allergies or specific food preferences. It is good to have at least two options for meat (chicken and pork or veal) and one vegan (in case someone forgets to tell you). The menu can be in line with some thematic dishes you want to feature. If the business delegation is coming to participate in a conference and you are working with an event planning company, the meals can be in line thematically with the event. The options here are limitless. 

Leave some time for rest 

While it is great to fill up the free time of the guests in the business delegation with activities, keep in mind that they will need some time to rest. If the agenda of their schedule is light, you can include a sightseeing tour in the afternoon or before dinner. However, keep in mind that you need to leave the people some time to rest and recharge their batteries. There is a suitable time for everything and if they are tired you might postpone some activity that you had in mind. 

We know that hosting a business delegation can be very challenging and even frustrating. Remain positive even when things go wrong and try to enjoy yourself and have fun. Remember that business connections are made quite easier once you establish good personal contact first. 

How to plan your band's tour in post-Covid times?

Since the dawn of rock and roll, the most anticipated thing for any band is going on a tour. Going around the state or the country and performing live is something amazing. We missed it during the pandemic, but now we can enjoy those moments once again. And while for the fans it is pure joy to watch their favorite musicians live, the organization of a tour can be a bit of a challenge. In this article, we are going to provide few tips for those in charge of this responsible task - managers or members of a music band that are planning to organize a tour. 

Top five things you need to plan before your band´s tour

Before you take to the road and start the tour, there are several things you need to take care of and plan for them. The better preparations you make - the better and smoother the tour will go. 

Route and tour transportation

If you are going on a tour then the band is famous. The question is, how famous exactly? Are we speaking about a tour within the limits of the state, or maybe something huge like nationwide series of concerts? Decide in which cities you will be performing, and then continue planning with the tour transportation. This is the most important thing and we recommend hiring professionals that provide transportation for tours as a service. By doing so, you don't have to worry about who is going to be driving, if they are going to be rested enough (after or before the performance), what route you have to take and where you have to park. A professional driver will have an answer to all of these questions. And you will have fewer things to plan. 

Make arrangements with the clubs

Live performances out in the open are amazing, and we love them. However, as you probably know, most bands play in clubs. After you select the cities in which you are going to perform, you should find the most suitable places to host your concerts. Once you do, try to book them in advance and make the best arrangements possible with the owner/manager. Some will want rent, while others will be happy just to provide their customers with live music events. That means more money for them anyway. Whatever agreement you make, put it in writing. In that way, they can´t back off at the last minute. 

Find proper places to stay 

You and the rest of the band are going to need a place to stay after each concert. Pick something that is close to the venue and is within your budget. Since you will be on the road for a long time, it is good to have comfortable beds and the opportunity to take a nice shower. If you have some time, you can even check out the tourist sites in the places which you will be visiting. Make sure the hotel/motel/hostel where you will behave flexible check-in and check-out time. This is important in case you need to leave early in the morning, or if you are arriving late at night. 

Promotion of the events

The clubs that will host your concerts will be making some promotion of the event. Note that the main responsibility of marketing is on you. After all, this is your tour. Use the full potential of social media - create a Facebook event for each concert, promote them in relevant groups, and invite people to attend. You can also post daily photos and videos from the road to hype things up among your fans. Use everything to your advantage - even the tour transportation! Put some posters on the sides of the bus you are traveling in. 

Calculate pricing and profit 

Music and concerts are great but at the end of the day, it is all about the money. Calculate your expenses in terms of travel, cash spent for food, drinks, and hotels. Any advertising costs should be in the mix as well. Based on that you can determine the entry price for each concert. Don´t forget to have someone selling CDs and merchandise on the spot! T-shirts and all other printed items with the logo of the band will probably be sold out. And this can turn into a good cash flow. 

Organizing and having a tour can turn into the adventure of a lifetime! Especially if the members of the band are great and fun to be around. However, you should plan and prepare. This will ensure that everyone has a good time and you will make a decent profit. If you manage to do so, you will be planning your next tour pretty soon! Good luck! 

The Most Unusual Places To Visit On Your Next Tour Transportation in Chicago

If you’ve been on vacation in Chicago, then you’ve probably seen most of the iconic attractions in the city. From Millennium Park to Lake Michigan and the Navy Pier, those places offer amazing sights and host thousands of tourists each year. However, if you’re tired of the ordinary sightseeing attractions in Chicago and if you prefer to stay away from huge noisy crowds, then you might want to consider visiting some less-known spots in the Windy City.Read more