Evanston Charter Bus Rental Service

Looking for a reliable transportation partner in Evanston, IL? Let us take you on a ride to explore Evanston’s treasures including the Grosse Point Lighthouse, Northwestern University, Dawes Park, and Fountain Square. Alternatively, venture into the broader Cook County with our charter bus for Evanston with ease and comfort. Book a motor coach, minibus, sprinter van, or SUV for your travel needs today.

Evanston, Illinois - In a Nutshell

Geographical Location

Evanston sits just north of Chicago, hugging the western shore of Lake Michigan. As a pivotal part of Cook County, it’s strategically located near major highways and transportation hubs.

Known For and Popular Sights

Beyond being the proud home of Northwestern University, Evanston is a treasure trove of attractions. The Grosse Point Lighthouse, Evanston History Center, and Dawes Park are just a few highlights. Its lakefront, dotted with beaches and parks, is a magnet for both locals and tourists.


With a diverse population nearing 75,000 residents, Evanston is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and stories.

Interesting Fact

Evanston’s pioneering spirit is evident in its early adoption of a fair housing ordinance, underscoring its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Why Choose Bus Connection

  • Cost-Effective Travel, Especially for Larger Groups
  • Door-to-Door Convenience
  • Trained and Experienced Professional Drivers
  • Onboard Amenities: such as power outlets, comfortable seating, on-demand Wi-Fi and more
  • Travel Stress-Free
  • Versatile for All Events
  • Generous Luggage Space
  • Inclusive Accessibility
  • Tailored Routes
  • Peak Vehicle Condition
  • Private and Comfortable

How to Plan Your Day in Evanston

couple eating breakfast at a cafe



  1. Breakfast at a Local Café: Start your day with breakfast at one of Evanston’s cozy cafes. Consider places like “Bennie’s Cleaners” for their delicious pastries or “Coffee Lab & Roasters” for a gourmet coffee experience.
  2. Visit Northwestern University: Take a stroll through the iconic Northwestern University campus. The university’s historic buildings, beautiful lakefront views, and vibrant student life make it a must-visit.
  3. Grosse Point Lighthouse: Head to this National Historic Landmark next. Climb to the top for a panoramic view of Lake Michigan and the surrounding areas.
tourists exploring the town



  1. Lunch in Downtown Evanston: The city offers a plethora of dining options. From gourmet restaurants to quirky eateries, there’s something for every palate.
  2. Evanston History Center: Located in the national historic landmark, Charles Gates Dawes House, this center offers a deep dive into the city’s past. Explore the exhibits and learn about Evanston’s evolution.
  3. Relax at Dawes Park: This serene park along the lakefront is perfect for a leisurely walk, reading a book, or simply enjoying the view.
couple giving cheers with glass of wine



  1. Block Museum of Art: Located on the Northwestern University campus, this museum boasts an impressive collection of artworks spanning various cultures and centuries.
  2. Dinner and Drinks: Head back downtown for a hearty dinner. Evanston has a vibrant culinary scene, with options ranging from Italian to Asian cuisine. After dinner, consider visiting a local bar or brewery for a taste of Evanston’s nightlife.
  3. Catch a Show: If you’re in the mood for some entertainment, see what’s playing at the Evanston SPACE, a renowned venue for music and performances.
motor coach bus at sunset

Group Transportation Services We Offer In Evanston

Bus Connection’s fleet diversity enables us to provide services tailored to each of our clients’ needs. We provide transportation for a wide variety of events including:

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How Much Does Bus Rental in Evanston Cost?

Vehicle Type Rate Minimum Hours
6 pax SUV $90.00/hr 2 hrs/min
14 pax Sprinter van $100.00/hr 3 hrs/min on weekdays; 4 hrs/min on weekends
24 pax Minibus $130.00/hr (each additional hour is $120) 4 hrs/min
39 pax Minibus $150.00/hr (each additional hour is $140) 4 hrs/min
56 pax Coach bus $170.00/hr (each additional hour is $150.00) 5 hrs/min

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