Delight Your Taste Buds at the Chicago Museum of Ice Cream

Many adults secretly long to relive their childhoods. The days of carefree fun, laughter, exhilaration, imagination, and wonderment of the world to be reignited and experienced once again. Welcome to the equivalent of the Willy Wonka land of ice cream and is sure to bring joy to kids of all ages.Read more

The Beach Boys Team Up With The Holiday Vibrations Orchestra to Bring You an Unforgettable Musical Experience

Sun, surf, and sand. Not the typical things you’d imagine when thinking about Chicago in the middle of winter. Yet, this is exactly what is coming to music fans at The Chicago Theatre on December 18, 2022, at 7:30 pm. This year, The Beach Boys are teaming up with The Holiday Vibrations Orchestra to bring you their ‘Tis the Season holiday tour spectacle, taking place across multiple cities along the east coast and Midwest, Chicago included.Read more

Welcoming the Holiday Season with Festivals and Parades in Chicago: Your Complete Guide

The chilly winter months may be just ahead of us, but there’s nothing more magical and heartwarming than spending time with friends and loved ones to delight the heart and soul. For many, Chicago is a spectacular city with music, festivals, and events during the summer months. But ushering in the winter holiday season is a spectacle all unto itself. Read more

A Fairy Tale of Twinkling Lights: Ushering in the Holiday Season With a Bright Celebration

Winter has arrived and although some may consider it a somewhat gloomy season, that’s far from the reality. Especially in Chicago! Not only does November usher in the holiday season with over one million lights in downtown Chicago with the Magnificent Mile Festival of Lights and The Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, but your entire season can be illuminated by twinkling lights at various prominent locations around the city.Read more

Harry Potter Fans Unite! Magic at Play is Coming to Chicago This November

Ever since June 26, 1997 (25 years ago!), when the first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published, the world has been absolutely enchanted with Harry Potter, his friends, and his major nemesis (who shall remain unnamed). Selling over 500 million copies and counting, Harry Potter has become a household name and has gripped the imaginations of young and old alike.Read more

Long Bus Ride Snack Tips

You’ve been looking forward to your bus trip for a while now. As the day approaches and you start preparing your luggage and entertainment, there’s another important thing you need to think about - your food and beverages during the trip. Sure, you can always stop at the side of the road whenever the bus makes a pit stop. But the foods at these locations tend to be greasy. Not the best option for a long bus ride. 

Read more

History of Public Bus Transportation

Bus manufacturing around the world has become standardized with the same bus designs appearing in most countries. As part of the public transportation network, buses play a huge role in transporting people who do not or cannot own a vehicle. The American Public Transport Association estimated that in 2019, Americans took 9.9 billion trips on public transportation translating into 34 million trips every weekday. Read more

Top 10 Places to Visit in Illinois State

Known as the Prairie State because once long ago, most of the state was covered in prairie grass, Illinois State is the USA’s fifth-largest and its predominant economic activity is agriculture. In fact, Illinois is the largest producer of pumpkins in the country. Read more

Group Traveling in Chicago by Bus vs. Flying

With our globalized world that is characterized by shrinking borders, we can go to practically any point locally or internationally that we desire. There is much to offer in the modes of transportation in Chicago available, with flights by airplane being viewed as the most convenient ones. However, before you press “Confirm” on your screen when buying your next plane ticket, think again. There are several reasons why group traveling by bus is better than flying.Read more

A Guide to Chicago's Top Schools Tour With a Private Bus

As the US’ third-largest city, it’s no surprise that Chicago is home to nearly 30 universities. Some of these are highly ranked in the country, while others appear in global rankings among the best in the world. Read more